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Demi Lovato’s Going to Be a Judge on X-Factor, Too, Maybe

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From TMZ:

Demi Lovato is the front-runner for the 4th seat on the “X Factor” judge’s panel, but she hasn’t gotten an offer yet … sources connected with Fox Network tell TMZ.

We broke the story, producers are close to sealing a deal with Britney Spears to fill one of the 2 vacant chairs, but that deal is still in negotiations — it is NOT closed. We’re told both sides expect to reach an agreement and if they do Britney will end up with $15 mil for the season.

Lovato certainly has a fiery personality — as we reported, she once socked a female back-up dancer in the face during the Jonas Brothers tour.

The other people in contention for the 4th seat are Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes and Fergie. But there have been NO offers made to fill that seat.

As Emily told you guys earlier in the day, Miley Cyrus is the big name being thrown around for X-Factor co-judge, alongside Simon, Britney (?), and LA Reid, but I want to talk about Demi Lovato instead. Demi Lovato, huh? I mean, we’ve got Britney Spears, which is going to be a trip in itself, and then we’ve got Demi Lovato on deck along with Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, and Fergie. I don’t even know who’d be the best in this case. I guess if I had to choose the least of all evils, it’d have to be Demi. Or LeAnn, even though watching LeAnn on the show would be like watching Eddie Cibrian in the bathroom or something, what with all of the personal details that would probably emerge about them and their relationship and Eddie’s idiosyncrasies and turn-ons and how satisfying their marriage is and and and and … you know.

I’m pulling for Demi, guys. I think she could probably pull it off. Who do you think’d be the most entertaining? And don’t say Fergie, ’cause that’s just a big fat lie.

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