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Courtney Stodden’s New Single is Here! Also, Courtney Stodden Took Nude Bath Photos!

photo of courtney stodden nude bath photos pics
The most important thing you need to know about the photos you’re about to see is that Courtney Stodden is not wearing the brass-tone armband. And her arm has not fallen off. And I can swear that there’re permanent indentations on both of her arms from alternating it every other Tuesday. Oh my God. It’s like looking into the eye of a tornado, or the pinnacle of the solar eclipse. I almost can’t even get a handle on myself.

Also, in Photo 4 (in the gallery), are they her knees or her tits? Just can’t tell. In Photo 7, Courtney looks about thirteen years old. Which isn’t all that much of a stretch, considering she was, just four short years ago. Photo 10—look for the return of the armband. Good thing she put it on that arm—the other one was looking a little worse for the wear.

Good heavens.

Also, Courtney’s new single, ‘Reality’, is here, and it’s as heavy with autotune as you probably thought it’d be. It’s almost unrecognizable, and there’s just as much stuttering in it as there is in ‘Don’t Put It On Me, Girl’, too. In short? IT’S THE GREATEST.

Courtney says the song is about going clubbing and having sex on the floor with middle-aged men:

“The song is about clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner. To me, it’s a story about lust. It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?”

The song, in short, sucks ass. It’s as bad as anything you’d hear in the shittiest of discotheques in France, and friends, there are some shitty discotheques in Paris—but don’t let me ruin the experience for you. Check it out for yourself:

What do you guys think? Is it a rilly good song? Is it a rill depiction of falling in lust in a club? Is this song, like, your rill-ality, for rill?

Images courtesy of Celebuzz

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  • Hater lol. This song is actually hot! I predict many drunken dance floor memories to the soundtrack. Shocked and Confused by how good it is. Good job to the producer mainly but she gets some vocal cred from sly for that autotuneless bridge. Actually a good voice and talent in that blank head, who knew. //

  • I prefer her without all her tranny makeup. I just wish she’d also quit making the stupid sexy faces. Smile, be happy! You don’t need to try and be sexy 24/7.

  • It’s amazing, she actually looks her age and very pretty without the ridiculous makeup and tan she usually has. The song is horrible, obviously, but no surprises there.

    • Nothing horrible about this track miss. She does look amazing without the paint though I agree with you there.

      • Old pedobear, I assume? Is that you, Doug? You know Doug and Krista troll the internet planting accolades to her, don’t you? They even make tons of fake profiles on facebook and send ‘haters’ death threats.

  • She actually looks pretty without makeup. And her face reminds me of yours, Sarah. (just now, never before).

  • She is actually cute without all that makeup, but damn, she still looks worn out and used up. Nowhere near 17 either.

  • Aww she looks so cute! And the song wouldn’t be out of place this summer in some club. I mean, how is this much different from Rihanna? Let’s all be honest for a moment. I can see this being played in many gay clubs.

  • I think her voice is good. Song SUCKS! I don’t mean to sound mean but I think she will wind up doing porn!

  • Does she honestly believe that her totally oversized and ill fitting bras make her breasts look like they are actually that big.. you only have to look at it to see she is a little girl playing dress up. 1. i wouldnt allow my daughter to behave this way at this age.. and 2 i wouldnt allow it of my WIFE either.

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