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Beyonce and Co. “Shaping” Baby Blue Ivy’s Nose?

photo of blue ivy carter pictures nose shaping pics
From Bossip:

Blue Ivy may be looking too much like Jay-Z for Tina Knowles’ taste.

The chitchatter out of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s inner circle is that Grandma Tina has been obsessive about “shaping” Blue Ivy’s nose — a practice of pinching and smoothing a baby’s features in attempt to form them into “more attractive” shapes. An insider tells Bossip that friends have spotted Tina “shaping” the baby’s nose as she falls asleep on several occasions. “Blue Ivy really does look just like Jay-Z,” the insider tells BOSSIP. “Tina is hoping she doesn’t get his nose, but it’s already looking that way.”

The source says the couples friends have tried to laugh off Mama Tina’s efforts to keep Hov from having hurt feelings. “He’s being a good sport, but she isn’t even trying to hide it,” the source adds.

Well jeez. If all that business is true, that’s got to make Jay-Z feel really, really good about himself. Damn, Tina.

All I know is that It’d be a cold day in hell if I allowed my mother do something this silly in order to make my already-pretty baby even “prettier.” Unless, of course, Beyonce‘s completely on board with it, and if that’s the case, well hell. I suppose there’s always the option of Botox and plastic surgery for the kid when she hits the ripe old age of five. I mean, kids’ features are, like, fully-formed by then, right?

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  • If this is true, Beyonce has to be the stupidest woman in the world. Her mom didn’t shape her nose, the plastic surgeon did. Also, they all will say, of course this child does not look like Jay Z, we reshaped the nose. Surrogate theory is getting truer by the day!!!

  • Is it culture shock of going from ghetto to bourgeois and making more money than they intelligently even know what to do with, ashamed of their blackness, trying to emulate white, upper class’ celebrity status? It makes no sense, and this comment isn’t one of a hater or racist; it’s one of shaking my head in disbelief and TRYING to figure out “WHY”?

  • Unfortunately, that poor little kid does look just like Jay-Z who is one of the uglier men around these days. I think that whole “shaping” thing is a very old wive’s tale, like, if you pee in a container of Draino while you’re pregnant you can tell the sex of the baby…Green for girls and blue for boys.

  • From my observation girls who look like their fathers are usually very beautiful and boys who look like their mothers are usually very handsome!

  • anyone who actually believes this is a total idiot! People will believe anything, which is why this magazines are making millions of us by printing crap like this. Use your brain people half of what they print in these magazines has not an ounce of truth to it, yet you’re giving them your money and keeping them in business…

  • poor kid I wished Beyonce nad Jay-Z just admitted to that surrogate thing there’s nothing wrong with it, even Sara Jessica Parker and other Hollywood celebs did it. Their lies will be burden by their child until she grows up!

  • In anothr pic id toooooo evident the belly is a fake. TThe blue. dress. one …. i think. J-zee. nose. is better then Tina one ..

  • I’m late as hell on this but, still WHY in hell is the author of this insisting that doing surgery on a child is ok? The problem doesn’t only lie with Beyonce and her sick inner circle of fam and friends but, in the media personell who seem to support her satanic views of things. Some people seriously should not be allowed to have kids. IE. PEOPLE WHO CONCIEVE & ROLL THE DICE as to who the child will look like. Then, if the kid comes out looking like the unfavorable parent…all hell breaks loose. Tina, your lips are fake by the way. Collagen Queen.

  • See if she would have gotten preggo for real instead of the fake baby bump and blocking off the hospital so no one would notice the real mother coming in trough the back door then the baby would have some features and DNA of her satanic pop mother. GOD is watching.

  • She is absolutely gorgeous…’Cant believe everything you read”…and shame on Evil Beet Gossip for allowing whoever is responsible for publishing statements on this website or over the internet. Plus..for those who posted a comment about this cruel statement..You are truly heartless and Evil…(shame on u all)…people can be so thoughtless and mean…
    Jay Z, Beyonce, and Nanny Tina enjoy your blessing from above..Blu Ivy Carter <3 :-);-);-)

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