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Kristen Stewart Named “World’s Best Dressed Woman”

A photo of Kristen Stewart

And look, there’s the world’s best dressed woman right there, wearing what looks to be a Baltimore Orioles cap and a belly shirt that says “White Trash.” The world of fashion has set such incredibly high standards.

But really, Glamour somehow decided that Kristen Stewart is the best dressed woman in the whole entire world. Emma Watson came in second, and Victoria Beckham was third on the list. Other fashionable ladies include Florence of Florence and the Machine, Michelle Williams, and Blake Lively.

What I want to know is how Glamour came up with this list. I’m sure they didn’t count what Kristen wears when she’s not working, but looking solely at her red carpet appearances, I still don’t get it. I can’t remember anyone looking at what Kristen wore to the Kids Choice Awards or whatever and saying “wow, she looks absolutely stunning.” I’m not saying that I hate everything she’s ever worn, because I definitely don’t, but my reaction is always “oh, that’s nice” or “that’s adequate.” I don’t understand how she beat out all these other women for this title, especially when Emma Watson has been looking so awesome lately.

I went ahead and made a little gallery for you guys to check out. They’re pictures of Kristen from the past year at various award shows and premieres and such. Let me know if I’m missing out what makes her the best dressed woman in the world, ok? Because she’s just not cutting it for me.

Oh, wait, I just saw that Glamour listed Rihanna as number 10, so this list is clearly nonsense. You can go ahead and look through those pictures though!

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  • “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” :P

    Seriously, she wears only remotely acceptable clothes when she “have to” on special events, not that she does them any favor, but also her casual wears are really messy. Glamour, Kristen Stewart, really?

  • You are just jealous, envious haters. She is the best dressed in the world and will be for a long time. Everybody else just looks fat and ugly next to her, admit it. Soooo, can’t wait for her next awesome red carpet attire!!!!! We know she’ll be awesome!!!!

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