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Chris Brown Is Breeding Pit Bulls

A photo of Chris Brown

Do you ever wonder if Chris Brown actually tries to be an asshole? Like maybe in reality he’s this calm, collected dude, and one day he figured that if he set out to be one of the most ridiculously awful celebrities out there, he’d stand out. He’d get a lot of attention and a lot of press, and he’d get more famous than he would have if he was just another semi-talented singer. Maybe it’s all an act.

But nah, I don’t think it is. I think Chris just really is that much of a dick, and this latest news just goes to show how true that is.

See, a few days ago, Chris’ mom tweeted “CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE,” and linked to this site where you can purchase a little pit bull puppy for a mere $1,000 each. But be careful, because even though “dogs can be delivered depending on buyers’ location,” the price of shipping is “not included in the sale price.” Also be careful because this is f-cking ridiculous and stupid and sad.

Listen, there might be some reasons why you’d want to buy a dog. Maybe you need a dog to perform a certain service or a job or something, or maybe … no, I don’t know why you’d want to buy a dog when there are so, so many up for adoption. I also don’t know why you’d want to buy a pit bull, much less a pit bull from Chris Brown. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore these dogs, and I made good friends with one myself last summer, but pit bulls often require a whole lot of training in order to be good with children or other animals, and somehow I don’t think Chris Brown has done all that much work with these precious puppies. Oh, and not to mention that if you absolutely have to breed dogs (you don’t), you need to have a whole lot of knowledge about the dogs you’re breeding: their history, their temperament, their parents. Again, somehow I don’t think Chris Brown has done all that.

Oh, sorry, you weren’t looking for a reason to like Chris Brown, were you? You’re not going to get mad at me because it’s been like four whole days since he started trying to sell puppies for a thousand dollars and I need to let it go, are you? Let me guess: it’s not like I’m perfect or like I’ve never made mistakes, is it? I need to let him live his life, even though by breeding and selling puppies, he made sure that a few dogs in shelters won’t get to live theirs.

What a dick.

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  • One of my closest friends’ families has had multiple pit bulls for decades, and every single one of them was, without “requiring a whole lot of training”, was absolutely fantastic with small children and their other pets, like cats and birds. The extensive training bullshit is just random propaganda against the breed that more and more people are choosing to believe.

  • Few things that struck me with the article:

    Whoa. “pit bulls often require a whole lot of training to be good with children or other animals. “.

    C’mon Evilbeet. Really? Please don’t make uneducated remarks about a wonderful breed that is already discriminated against.

    As far as adopting vs buying. To each is own. There are many reasons why people buy instead of adopt.

    And yes Chris Brown is and always be a douche.

    • That is true, though. They are potentially aggressive and dangerous. Where I live, you are not allowed to breed them, and if you own one it must be desexed and penned-up securely in your yard.

      • any dog can be potentially aggressive and dangerous if trained to be that way by their owners. Not just Pits.

      • Oh I agree. My grandma owned a dog that was part dingo, and a sweeter more loving dog I never met. Seriously the best dog I’ve ever known. Even helped me look after the kittens. Herded them, let them crawl all over her, etc.

  • I actually think the larger the dog, the less training they need to be loving and caring to smaller creatures…besides rabbits and squirrells. Big dogs seem to be much more careful around children and other small dogs (unless they get excited by something like a squirrel…they will run that kid over to get to a squirrell).

    All this stuff about pitbull’s being dangerous has some truth but it’s only half the story. Every muscular animal has instincts and pitbulls and rott’s in particular were targeted because of that by humans. If one of these animals is placed in an ideal situation (caring owner) then the outcome is practically guaranteed to be good but they can get over-protective and if they happen to be homeless and wander around, they should be put down because that instictive pack mentality sets in and from there, there’s no trusting them again.

  • Pits are easy to train and socialize if you start while they’re puppies. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to own a pit bull. It’s not the dogs fault that they are raised to be aggressive or have been neglected and/or abused which in turn can cause any dog to be aggressive.

  • I think in general, a pits temperment isn’t necessarily “aggressive”, but bully-breeds often (not in all circumstances of course, but in general terms) tend to be a little bit more stubborn or hyper than other breeds. Sometimes, this makes them more difficult to train, but can certainly be just as loving and as much of a “nanny dog” as any other breed. The one thing I *will* say about pits, is that they are extremely protective of those they love. If they feel their family is being threatened they will do whatever they need to do to protect those they love.

  • any dog is potentially dangerous and should be trained from a young age. end of story. a small chihuahua can have a worse temperament than that of a pit bull.

    but thats not the point of this story. my complaint is that he is breeding dogs when millions of pitbulls (even pitbull puppies) are euthanized in shelters every year. that’s sickening.

  • any dog can be trained poorly which results in a bad dog. BUT they will be trained by or interacting with Chris Brown. Why??? Why do you want a dog from Chris Brown? I agree with Emily 100%

  • Dear Emily, I wonder if this is a one time thing or if he is actually branching out into the business as a sideline. I agree with you that it feels all kinds of gross and wrong to me, what with so many animals needing to be adopted in shelters.

    It strikes me as unbelievably selfish, unconscionable, out of touch with the social pulse, and the times, selfish, selfish, selfish…. but hey, did we ever believe he was a really great guy anyway, people? This behavior somehow seems in keeping with his persons.

    Does he even do proper background checks on the people he sells them too?

    Why is he doing this? Couldn’t he find a less questionable, less controversial hobby? Like maybe refurbishing vintage cars and selling THEM? Something that doesn’t involve in the egregious trading of sentient beings being for cash?

    How about Chris branching out to raise public awareness about puppy mills and unconscionable breeding by “amateurs,” and how many pit-bull puppies are waiting to be adopted in shelters?

    By the way, Emily, I see that your site has an ad for the WSPCA, an organization I’ve been thinking of donating too on a regular basis for awhile. Do you know if this is a reputable organization? I feel that it is, but you never know… Perhaps you could email me if you don’t want to be all promoting or non-promoting or what….

    Maybe it’s better just to give locally….

  • you need to stop cuz Chris is none of those things you sayin wait…you dont even kno who the hell he is so stfu i absolutly love him and you just another one of those haters tryina destroy him well.. stop hatin cuz hes one of the best soo shut up lil hater girl you dont know wut you talkin bout

    • p.s as for those puppys it dont matter cuz as long as they got a home idc and as fort hem bein dangerous evey animal needs some type of love

      • LOLZ AT CHO LACK OF GRAMMAR SKILLZ BISH! try using punctuation too. ain’t no one gone take yo silly bitch ass seriously.

  • CHRIS BROWN IS A FHUKIN ASSHOLE. Your so damn right! Poor puppies, chris is probably paying people to take care of them for him. If he read what you just said he will probably pay someone to do all that. he’s such a lazy deusch.. Anyways the puppy in the picture is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Whereas the guy holding them is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO UGLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! lol

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