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  • Emily, you have such a caustic way of writing I almost always skip over your posts. I just heard her new CD yesterday and it blew me away. She is crazy talented, in my humble opinion, but regardless, you seem to focus of the tiny details that have nothing to do with why we know of this woman- her music. can we stick to that, or am I going to have to keep passing by your fluffy posts?

  • Worrie about your own fucken life you arent perfect so why the fuck are you judging others!!! Grow the fuck up and look into the Mirrow because you ur self make mistakes , you just hating on her and her talent for all u know u ugly as he’ll and wish u were her!!!! All you want is attention go get that shit some were else! Go suck a dick and stick your head way far up ur ass take a good fucken sniff because that’s what you smell is you full of shit…….,,

  • If you are talking to me, oh I’m well educated but it’s stupid ppl like this who bring out the bitch in me ;)

  • It first matter I dnt have 2 spell everything RiGht this isn’t scHool so stfu you get the point !!! Worrie about your life if you even have 1…

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