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9Nicki Minaj Is Getting on My Last Nerve

A photo of Nicki Minaj

For a while there, I thought that Nicki Minaj was pretty ok. Her music doesn’t really appeal to me, but remember that time that she made friends with Susan Boyle? And remember that time that she showed up on Ellen’s show to surprise those two little girls who sang “Super Bass” and told them to stay in school? Those were really sweet moments, and I can still appreciate them for what they’re worth.

But anymore, you guys, Nicki Minaj can just go suck an egg.

It all started last week when Nicki deleted her Twitter account. There was a fan site of hers that was posting her music for free, which she didn’t appreciate, and so she tweeted “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye,” and then deleted her account. At the time, I think I rolled my eyes a little over the dramatics, but it wasn’t a ridiculous thing to do: I’m sure I’d get upset too if I worked hard on something and someone ripped it off.

But then she went on the Graham Norton Show, and ugh. This is the same interview where she talked about how grossed out she was when Madonna kissed her, but she talked about so much more. For example, here’s this little gem she gave about her Twitter deletion:

“A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did,” she explained. “I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me. I reply all the time and get to know them by name and I have a really personal bond with them…not all 11 million, but at least 10 of them a day.”

A voice in her head told her to delete her Twitter.  This is what auditory hallucinations are doing these days.  Telling pop stars to delete their Twitter accounts.  I can’t, you guys.  I think that quote stands all on its own.

But then she went on to talk about herself in the third person and hint that she was considering quitting music:

“People aren’t even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence… This is my fourth mixtape, really,” she said. “The kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game.”

The gossip blogger is thinking that the kid needs to stop trying so hard. The gossip blogger rolls her eyes for days when people like the kid pull stupid stunts like this in attempt to get headlines. Also, the gossip blogger understands that if she feels that way, she shouldn’t be talking about the kid in the first place, but the gossip blogger just gets so annoyed that she can’t help but vent.

Is that how that works?

April 24, 2012 at 9:30 am by Emily
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9 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Is Getting on My Last Nerve”

  1. livwho says:

    Vent somewhere else, come back when you have actual news. Nikki stupid, everyone already knows that.

  2. livwho says:

    *is stupid, not Nikki stupid, hah.

  3. withthewind says:

    Emily, you have such a caustic way of writing I almost always skip over your posts. I just heard her new CD yesterday and it blew me away. She is crazy talented, in my humble opinion, but regardless, you seem to focus of the tiny details that have nothing to do with why we know of this woman- her music. can we stick to that, or am I going to have to keep passing by your fluffy posts?

  4. You just hatting!! says:

    Worrie about your own fucken life you arent perfect so why the fuck are you judging others!!! Grow the fuck up and look into the Mirrow because you ur self make mistakes , you just hating on her and her talent for all u know u ugly as he’ll and wish u were her!!!! All you want is attention go get that shit some were else! Go suck a dick and stick your head way far up ur ass take a good fucken sniff because that’s what you smell is you full of shit…….,,

  5. You just hatting!! says:

    If you are talking to me, oh I’m well educated but it’s stupid ppl like this who bring out the bitch in me ;)

  6. You just hatting!! says:

    It first matter I dnt have 2 spell everything RiGht this isn’t scHool so stfu you get the point !!! Worrie about your life if you even have 1…

  7. You just hatting!! says:

    Doesn’t*** that was a typo haha

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