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You Almost Saw Katy Perry’s Boob. BOOM.

photo of katy perry boob slip nipslip pictures photos 2012 pic
Normally I’d be all giddy and giggly, saying something along the lines of “Ooh, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!” or something equally corny as hell, but guys.


It’s not funny. Because do you see how desperate Katy Perry is? Oh my God she’s so desperate. At first glance, all you can really do is look at the voluptuous, fleshy mound that she calls her tit, and you’re kind of mesmerized. Katy Perry’s got a great rack, after all, and even a “Whoops!” almost-boob-slip is fodder for at least fourteen minutes’ worth of fantasy, right? Sure. But after you come back, look at the strap on her arm. The strap that’s not all “Oh no! I’m an ill-fitting strap that’s all stretched out and barely hanging on I’m so limp,” it’s all, “Look at me—Katy Perry wanted to have her name in headlines tomorrow, so she pulled me down and even though I’m really straining against her upper arm, you’re supposed to be distracted and not even notice that this was intentional. THIS ISN’T EVEN COMFORTABLE FOR ME.” And folks, it almost got me. Almost!

Let’s take another look at this, shall we?:

photo of katy perry almost boob slip pics
There. Now that we can step back and get some perspective on the situation, it’s glaringly obvious that Katy Perry’s staging her own publicity stunts. Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be shocked. This is the down-home Christian girl that married—and divorced—Russell Brand all in a year’s time. Nothing about this twit should shock you.

Except for her boobs. Maybe her boobs should shock you. Because even though she’s a total f-cking moron, she’s got boobs for days, and I don’t think even we here at Evil Beet could withstand the sheer velocity of them if they ever did come tumbling out of the top of her dress.

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  • (T)It looks like its got scar tissue on (t)it. Was it attacked by a weasel. Oh yeah, Russell.

    • Uh, if those are stretch marks they’re in an awfully weird place. Tit stretch marks occur on the outside of the boob, between the inner armpit and the boob, not in the cleavage part. Also, they’re normally white and not red. Like, I can’t imagine you get tit stretch marks on your inner tits unless you spent 1/2 your life laying on your back with them stretching up and out.

      • Actually no, stretch marks don’t just usually occur on the outside. Most tit stretch marks I’ve seen are on the boob not the side. Also, stretch marks start as pinkish or red and then become white. Big or small, for whatever reason, a lot of boobs have stretch marks, including my own, but unless the person is over weight, I’ve never seen them on the side by the pit.
        The Stretch Mark Police :)

  • Boobs… She’s got boobs… Doesn’t matter if they’re not hanging out now…they will be eventually :-) Swing low sweet chariots!

  • we’ve seen her boobs along with her beaver before when a pic of her completely naked in front the mirror got out.

  • she is cute, talented and has nice big boobs. If she wants to tease us or actually show them off good for her good for us.

  • Oh ya one more thing it may be old but it rings true Don’t hate the player hate the game.