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Rihanna Is One of Time‘s Most Influential People

A photo of Rihanna

Personally, she’s influenced me to never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, purchase a onesie. Look at that thing. That is terrible.

But really, Rihanna was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, according to Time. Other such influential people include Obama, Kristen Wiig, Viola Davis, Adele, and Hillary Clinton. I feel like I could make a pretty good argument for each and every one of those folks being influential, but Rihanna? I don’t get it. At all.

Wait, a bad influence can still be incredibly influential, right? That’s got to be it. She’s a bad influence because she’s a brat who sends the message that it’s ok to accept abusive people into your life and who probably hooked up with Ashton Kutcher. That’s it, right?

No, apparently she’s a great person or something, according to the blurb that Stella McCartney wrote about her:

I can’t remember when Rihanna and I first met, but I think it was near a dance floor and one of her tracks was playing. The thing I remember was her being a normal person, not what you’d expect of a young woman about to take over the world. She’s one of the coolest, hottest, most talented, most liked, most listened to, most followed, most impressive artists at work today, but she does it in her own stride. She works hard, very hard. She gives to her fans, friends and foundation not just herself but her energy and spirit.

Rihanna, 24, goes out of her way to support the people she believes in. She is one of the few people I know in that world of fame and celebrity who aren’t all about themselves. She’ll give a real part of herself to an ordinary person she may meet, and that’s rare.

This is the beginning for Rihanna — she has so much more to do and to give. She is just getting going, so watch out. She’s the Barbados ambassador for youth and culture, and she’s coming to a town near you.

I definitely believe that she’s a very hard worker, and I think she’s a good friend and that she’s good to her fans. And of course she “goes out of her way to support the people she believes in,” that’s why she’s still working and being friendly with Chris Brown after he nearly killed her. Being super supportive can obviously be a wonderful quality, but not like this.

Oh, and here’s a bonus way that she’s way influential: she tweets all day long about drugs. Seriously, it’s all the time. It’s mostly just about smoking weed, which whatever, but she’s had a tiny bit of a scandal here recently when she tweeted this picture:

A photo of Rihanna

Everybody’s all “what’s with the cocaine, Rihanna?” but I don’t know. The first time I looked at it, I thought it was a white powder, but then I examined it more closely, and I think it’s just more weed. Look how clumpy it is, and she has those papers in her hand. The coloring looks a little off in the picture anyway, that explains why it’s showing up whiter instead of green. I think that mystery’s solved, friends.

But hey, what a good influence, right?

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