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Mariska Hargitay Talks About Her Two New Babies

A couple of weeks ago, we got Netflix. And it was a Big Deal. We moved into our apartment in November, and we never got cable, so it’s been about five months of buying dozens and dozens of used movies (I’d never really seen Jurassic Park all the way through before, and now I could probably act out all three movies with zero trouble, especially the parts with the raptors), used seasons of shows (oh my goodness, you guys, did you ever see Jericho? It lasted for a season and a half, from 2006 to 2008, I believe, and it’s awesome [and also on Netflix]), and watching stuff online (through Hulu, of course). So Netflix is a whole new world to me. There’s Bridalplasty and Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding and so many Animal Planet shows. It’s tremendous, it really is.

Do you know what’s on Netflix? You probably do, because you’ve probably had it for a few years now, but listen: there are 272 episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on there. 272 episodes. If every episode is about 43 minutes, that’s just short of 11,700 minutes of SVU, which means 11,700 minutes of Mariska Hargitay being beautiful, graceful, and charming.

Unfortunately, that interview that Ellen did with Mariska up there is only four minutes and 24 seconds of all that, but it’s completely worth it. It’s all about how Mariska adopted her daughter, Amaya, and then just a few months later adopted her youngest son, Andrew. Babies!

Just in case you can’t watch the video and need a part of the adorable, here’s this:

Mariska Hargitay recently opened up about her family’s heart-wrenching experience last year when the adoption she and her husband Peter Hermann were finalizing fell through. And while things worked out in the end — they’re now the proud parents of a 12-month-old Amaya — Hargitay is no stranger to emotional rollercoaster that comes with adoption.

So when the family’s lawyer called them up just months later, saying that they had a newborn boy who was ready to be adopted, the 48-year-old actress was completely overjoyed.

“It was one of those things that we were not expecting at all and my husband and looked at each other and have never have been more sure about anything,” she told Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday about adopting their son Andrew, 9 months.

Adding that Andrew, who was just two-months-old at the time, arrived in their arms just two days later — an anomaly for an adoption — the Law and Order: SVU actress began to tear up.

“This has been a year of true blessings,” she tearfully told DeGeneres, who handed her a tissue.

Hargitay and Hermann are also parents to biological son August, 5.

Man, is she wonderful or what?

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  • Good for her. I don’t know about adoption. I know a few adopted kids and for the most part, they’re nuts so I’m not sure if I’d want to be legally responsible for someone else’s child but I’m all for adopting dogs!

    Other than that, netflix rules for watching tv series. It was great when I discovered “the office” on netflix. I was watching non-stop Office for weeks but with all of this stuff coming on line and redbox, I miss Hollywood Video. They had this awesome deal, 3 used movies for $20. I would go there every paycheck and get 3 movies but since they went out of business, I haven’t bought ANY movies so the movie industry has lost out on a lot of my money because of that. Also, SVU rocks but my wife hates it. She’s all about Lenny Brisco and McCoy.

    • We adopt dogs, but have thought about adopting a child. In the end, though I’ve enjoyed working with kids, they are just too much work. I wish there would be a (brief?) moratorium on childbirth, so we could catch up with taking care of the kids who are already living (that includes the kids who are “raised” by neglectful fuckers).

      • Yea, more power to those that adopt kids. My wife and I have been going through fertility treatments so we know a bit about the desire to have children but ultimately, for us, its our own or none…but if we did adopt and the kid turned into a brat I could always say to their teachers: ‘he/she’s not really ours’ I have such a wicked sense of humor :-)

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