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Anthony Hopkins is Alfred Hitchcock

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Blown away. Totally.

Back in March, we heard that Scarlett Johansson had been tapped to play Janet Leigh, who played the famous shower role in the original 1960 Psycho, and that James D’Arcy was cast as Anthony Perkins, who played the epic Norman Bates. Others, such as Jessica Biel, Toni Collette, Helen Mirren, and Anthony Hopkins were also cast for the upcoming film, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, or just Hitchcock, and the film will be released in 2013. Hopefully with a firm decision on a title.

As for the plot, only the sketchiest details have been revealed (like the fact that it’s going to be about the filming of Psycho and its inspirations), and the current cast. Anthony Hopkins, obviously, has been cast in the role of Alfred Hitchcock, and I’m seriously mindf-cked over the similarities between Hitchcock and Hopkins. Even Scarlett Johansson took a break from her M-words to say some kind things about working with the legendary Anthony Hopkins:

“I’ve seen some makeup tests recently, and just watching [Anthony] play Hitchcock is pretty memorable in itself. He’s gonna be bananas! I can’t wait for that — I’m very excited. … [The film will start shooting] in a couple of weeks.”

And if you were wondering whether or not Scarlett would be getting naked a la Anne Heche in the first remake of Psycho, you’re out of luck, and it was probably the nude hack that killed it. From Access Hollywood:

With Scarlett and Anthony Hopkins (who plays legendary thriller director Hitchcock) leading the film, the movie has already generated a lot of buzz, but many fans of the original “Psycho” are wondering how the film will handle the infamous shower scene.

“We will not be re-shooting the entire shower sequence, no.”

Doesn’t this movie just sound … I don’t know, bananas?

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