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Love It or Leave It: Christina Aguilera is Wrong Again

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Just when we thought girlfriend was doing SO GOOD, she goes and wears this. On television. In front of other people.

This is what Christina wore on last night’s The Voice, and it was a bad, bad choice, guys. I don’t understand why, when she’s got such a fabulous figure, she has to choose such heinous outfits and stage costumes, because this, friends, is probably the pinnacle of “worst.” And yes, I know that’s kind of redundant, but our continual posts about how awful Christina’s fashion choices are, too. Is that fun for Christina? No, probably not. And it’s just as not-fun for us, too, as we generally root so hard for Christina when she’s not falling out of the club drunk with her gitch hanging out of her pants.

One thing, though, that I just cannot stand for, is people telling Christina to “lay off the Ho Ho’s” if she’s going to wear these kinds of outfits. From Green Celebrity:

Celebrity diets! Holy fat girls, Batman. Christina Aguilera, the pop music singer who has been playing a judge on the reality television music competition called The Voice has certainly plumped up nice. She looked a bit like a well stuffed Christmas goose when she made her stage appearance on the warm spring night. Wearing little more than a bathing suit with super Spanx spandex tights, she looked like she could hardly breathe. Or she looked great if you like thick women. Both sets of haters and fans were equally right.

Christina Aguilera, please put down the Ho-Ho’s if you are going to wear revealing outfits like that. That was the consensus of fans of The Voice after the celebrity judge took to the stage on April 16th, 2012.

Wearing a skimpy belted outfit, she really belted a song out. Sadly, while she was going for some sort of super hero inspired cat suit look her get-up looked more like a fat suit. One not so nice fan we interviewed said her legs looked like cottage cheese poured into sup hose while another kept shaking his head after seeing her and saying, “That is just not right…”.

She can wear the outfits, she just needs to get them in the correct SIZE. No, what’s actually not right is the fact that it’s automatically got to be a “fat” thing when someone who’s got an enviable figure wears something ill-fitting and ends up looking awful. Even Megan Fox would look like shit if she tried to squeeze her size 2 body into kids’ clothing, too, you know.

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  • If she’s comfortable or feels sexy…I wouldn’t wear it, but she has much different taste than me.

    I do have to get on her for dropping her best artist last night. I’m a Voice viewer (I don’t know who I am anymore) and I was floored by her “gut”—-the one that helped her come to a foolish decision.

    And that Blake guy? Oh, he’s got as much musical talent as I’d imagine Hellen Keller to have. I don’t even know how a “musician” who makes crappy music was asked to be a judge/mentor.

  • If she put on a nice, semi-fitted dress (not squeezing her in, but not on the mummu end of the scale), scrubbed off the fake tan and the trowels of make up, and ditched the fright-night hair she would be a really gorgeous woman.
    Her continued awful styling is so frustraaaaating.

  • No, fuck this shit that only thin women can wear this sort of thing. Doe she feel sexy? Then by all means do it. 90% of women have cellulite. All women are real. All bodies are beautiful.

    • Ugh, I don’t even know where to begin. Yes, only thin women can pull this off. Sorry for not wanting to see rolls and rolls of fat pouring out of tiny outfits, or fat chunks of ass spilling out of miniskirts. People need to know to dress for their fucking body size. Just like busty women can’t really get away with braless tops, fat chicks can’t get away with wearing shit like this.

      This isn’t about fat acceptance. We shouldn’t fucking accept fat. Fat is diabetes, heart disease and a plethora of other illnesses that are the leading fucking drain on America’s health care system. Leading cause of deaths in the United States is obesity related illnesses. Everyone needs to stop fucking defending fat. Fat is bad. Nobody is saying be anorexic, but you shouldn’t be fucking morbidly obese you fat fucking cunts. Same goes for men, too. Being an economic black hole isn’t sexist.

  • I would still totally destroy that. Any guy who says they wouldn’t is lying through their HoHo encrusted teeth.

    Or not into chicks…which is totally fine.

    But still…smash.

  • she’s not fat she’s just bigger than the super tiny woman/girl she used to be,and they’re not helping her by trying to squeeze her into something two sizes too small-homegirl looks one deep breath away from popping that off…either way she can still sing her ass off(her weave is busted btw)