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Kelly Osbourne Is Annoying, Hypocritical, And Still Talking About Christina Aguilera

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Ok, Kelly Osbourne just did this thing for Glamour called “Kelly Osbourne’s Dos and Don’ts of Body Confidence.” That’s great, right? Here are a few excerpts that sound nice:

Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don’t recognize our own beauty because we’re too busy comparing ourselves to other people. No, we are not all Gisele Bündchen; we’re not all Beyoncé. But I can tell you even the most beautiful girls in the world have felt insecure.

As for that high school mentality, if you’re still hanging around people who are going to put you down, you need to stop and reevaluate your friends and move on. You don’t need those kinds of people in your life. If some dumb bitch says you’re not beautiful, don’t go on her word. What does she matter? Sorry about the language. I know, I’m awful like that. But it’s all perspective.

The thing is, you’ve got to get dressed and say to yourself, “If somebody else doesn’t like it, f—k them.” You feel great, so work it, own it, and love it.

That’s some good advice, right? Except she’s kind of full of shit, because she also mentioned how Christina Aguilera is still a fat bitch:

Sometimes it’s other people’s voices you have to shut out. That’s what happened with me and Christina Aguilera, which people don’t understand. She called me fat for years. One night on Fashion Police I said, “F—k you. Now you’re fat too.” I didn’t say I wasn’t fat. I said, “Now you know how it feels.” And I’m sorry, but I stand by that. I make a point on the show never to say anything about anybody that I wouldn’t say directly to their face. I’m famous, and she’s famous; it doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for myself. I took it for 10 years and finally decided to be like, “You know what? I’m done.” And that’s the last thing I will ever say about it.

This is bothersome because Kelly wrote an entire essay about feeling good about yourself and not judging yourself and not listening when other people try to put you down. She even mentions how much it hurt when people used to bully her for her weight. And after all that, she still feels the need to bring up the whole Christina Aguilera nonsense. I don’t care if Christina taunted Kelly every day for years, if she sent letters and emails and texts all about how Kelly was a fatty fat fat bitch, that’s still an awful thing to do. If you’ve been bullied so much and hurt so much for this one thing, how could you ever put that on someone else?

It’s also annoying because Kelly’s treating being fat like it’s this horrible awful thing. She said about Christina “f-ck you, now you’re fat too,” presumably meaning that now she was in that lowly place of being a big ol’ fat bitch. And if you try to put down one person by calling them fat, then you’re putting down all the fat people. Big girls, you know what I’m talking about: have you ever had a friend go on and on about some disgusting, gross, fat whale? And you’re like I’m sitting right here. This is that same thing.

You can’t try to tell all these people to love themselves and to have confidence in their bodies when you’re shaming someone else for her’s. That’s just not the way that works.

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  • I see your point but well, she’s obviously still a little miffed about it and carried that negativity with her. Really, it just shows how damaging that negativity (both internally generated and taken in from the outside) can be. Regardless, I am glad that Christina got to walk in those shoes … cause now that she has those “latin curves” that she loves so much on herself now but not so much on others when she was skinny.

  • I think Kelly has matured quite a bit and has gotten her shit together. She is only human and we all know how hard it is to practice what you preach. I think she does try hard not to be mean spirited, but you can tell that what happened between her and Christina left a very deep, hurtful gash that has not healed. It was kind of immature of her to say what she said, but hey we’ve all had that moment where foot should go in mouth. It’s Karma Christina!

  • Kelly needs to let. It. Go. Kelly brings up Xtina quite often on Fashion Police, which is the only way I knew of these past comments. Conversely, I see Xtina being genuinely helpful and supportive of other females (and males), regardless of their looks, on The Voice. It seems as if Kelly is the one focusing on the exterior and Xtina is more interested in bringing out the best of people based upon talent and what they have to offer as a person, as a whole. I like Kelly on FP, although it is annoying that any time Madonna comes up, she is suddenly incapable of finding any humor in trashing the celebrity. However, I can’t take her “advice” seriously when I compare what she says and does with the lengths Xtina is going to on The Voice to help females gain confidence and get a start in the industry. Just my 2 cents.

  • First I like Kelly. I seem to recall her making fun of Christina’s singing on their reality show. Whether she did this because of Christina was making fun of her weight or not is mute, after all these years, it’s time to let it go and move on. The FP seem to go out of their way to make fun of Christina now, it’s also time for all of them to move on to a new target because their objectivity is gone. How many times can you do the same joke or snide remark before you start to bore people.

  • She should go fuck herself. Being fat isn’t bad. I’m overweight and I refuse to hear all these opinions putting me down because of my weight. I refuse to have fat days or insecure days because I don’t look like these arbitrary models I’m shown on magazines. Kelly Osborne should know how awful it feels to have someone put you down because you don’t fit in people’s expectations of how you should look like. The worst is when they mask it with the “health concerns”. God. Shut up! Be overweight, be skinny, who cares! Being attractive isn’t the most important thing in the world, and if someone is shallow enough to say they would fancy you weren’t it for your weight (skinny or fat) then they’re not worthy of your time.

    • You’ve always been one of my very favorite readers, but this. This is the best. I don’t owe it to anyone to do ANYTHING with my body, and I’d rather be fat than spiteful and cruel any day of the week.

      Keep on doing what you do, because you do it so, so well!

  • I don’t know why but i’m starting to think Kelly has been lying about this whole Christina thing. How come has Christina been able of keep in contact with Kelly these past 10 years and just to call her fat. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made this up, this kid is a brat.

  • Difference here is unlike Kelly, Christina has ALWAYS embraced her body no matter the size. Kelly could learn from that because she clearly has fallen into society’s trap of having to look a certain way to feel good about herself. BTW, when did Christina call Kelly fat? I remember her making fun of Kelly’s ill-advised singing attempts but I don’t recall the fat comment.

  • It annoys me when people talk about being bullied, and then turn around and bully someone else. I remember when the whole thing w/Christina Aguilera started, and I think Christina was 19 at the time? No, that doesn’t give her a pass, but she hadn’t grown up yet. I understand going through something like that for years, my own sister put me down for my looks for my entire life, but I’m not going to bash her just to feel better. I wish Kelly would let it go. It makes everything she said at first (which *is* really good advice!) irrelevant because all I see is her acting as if she’s in high school.

  • The difference between Christinia Aguiliera and Kelly Osborne is that Christinia is famous for being talented, and Kelly is famous for being the rich spoiled brat daughter of a famous person.

  • Kelly Osbourne is her own person but not what one would typically call beautiful, or pretty. Envy may play a big part in her syrong dislike for Christina Aguilera. A talented vocalist and good actress; wonderful in “Burlesque” with Cher, no less. And she held her own. If Kelly were a little wiser, she might phave learned something from Christina. In the absence of any real talent, Kelly Osbourne has been relegated to a show based on, well, being vicious and judgmental. How sad for Kelly. How wonderful for Christina. ‘Nuff said.

    • Pardon the typos above. I did forget to mention the colour of Kelly Osbourne’s hair. It is not an adequate distraction from the absence of any real beauty. I adore Christina on “The Voice”. That girl can sing. I think Kelly Osbourne released a cd called “Shut Up”. I think Kelly Osbourne should do just that. Christina is not only a great singer, but a great actress, strikingly pretty and has star quality. Keep it up, Christina. Like Cher, you make us Smile. :-)

  • “I’m famous” Yeah, uhm…what significant showbiz achievement have you done exactly, Kelly, besides have your family’s life be documented on National Television(coz we’re so eager to know what it’s like to be an Osbourne) and judge what people are wearing while you have purple hair.