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Your Daily Gosling

photo of ryan gosling pictures photos new york city 2012 recent pic
Can we just imagine what this lucky, lucky lady is thinking, walking alongside Ryan Gosling in New York City? I mean, look at her. It’s like she’s seen the face of God, and to some people, Ryan Gosling and God are one and the same. And who knows! Maybe he is God on Earth, and if that’s the case, people will probably be queuing up around the block to confess their mortal sins and hoping that the penance will be something along the lines of … I’m sorry, I have to stop this right here. See, it’s drifting into sacrilege territory, and I don’t think Ryan Gosling God looks too kindly on those who idolize other golden gods. I’m pretty sure there’s a commandment out there prohibiting such behavior, isn’t there?

Finally? How f-cking awesome do you have to be to garner 396+ news headlines just for taking a stroll with a paper sack in New York City and doing nothing else? Pretty f-cking bomb-ass is all I have to say. Damn.

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