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Hey, How About That Frasier Theme Song?

I know, I know, this might be hard for you to understand. But since we’ve been talking about theme songs already today, I figured we’d take a break from loving Jennifer Lawrence and checking out Miley Cyrus’ boobs and talk about something really relevant: the theme song from Frasier.

You remember it, right? There’s probably not a whole lot of remembering to do, because the last time I had cable, I remember reruns being on constantly and taking up some valuable Golden Girls time. And I never really liked the show, but I did catch it more than once, and I remember always being mystified by the theme song. “What do tossed salads and scrambled eggs have to do with anything?” I would wonder. A couple of years ago, I even tried to look it up. I took actual time out of my life to look up the meaning of the Frasier theme song, that’s how much it drove me crazy.

But hey, no worries! The songwriter just explained everything!

Having been the composer on a show called “Wings”, I was asked by the creator’s of that show to try to come up with a song for their next effort….that is to submit as one of three submissions for the “prize” in a blindfold test to chose the one they liked best!

I was told they wanted something pretty eclectic and jazzy, but to avoid any direct references to specific subject matter. So it was necessary to stay away from words about psychiatry, radio shows, the name “Frasier”, and anything else directly indicating aspects of the show.

I immediately wrote the song/music itself, but then needed a lyric that would work, so I called my friend Darryl Phinnesse who is really talented and really smart. I gave him the idea of the show and he called back with the idea of “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”. At first I was a bit baffled myself until he explained that these were things that were “mixed up”….like Frasier Crane’s patients. Once we agreed on this premise (by the time I fully understood it), we went into completing the song. I actually did contribute a couple lines, but the heavy lifting here was Darryl, and lucky for me that I went to him to him in the first place.

“Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin”-refers to patients with troubles calling into the radio show
“Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”
“But maybe I seem a bit confused”-Frasier’s personality was a bit????
“Maybe, but I got you pegged”-Frasier does understand these people and helps them.
“But I don’t know what to do with those Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”-it’s a tough business….gotta deal with these “crazies” every day.
“They’re calling again”-oh, oh….should be self explanatory.

And there you have it! Mystery solved! I feel about a million times better about the world, and I thought you might feel the same. We’ll get back to our regular business of sarcasm and worshipping Ryan Gosling shortly!