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Rihanna Really Wants to Be in That Whitney Houston Biopic

A photo of Rihanna and Whitney Houston

Remember back in February, about two seconds after Whitney Houston died, there was talk of a biopic starting up? Apparently the film was in talks before Whitney’s passing, and we only just heard about it then because … yeah, I’m not so sure I believe that this isn’t a creepy move to capitalize on someone’s death. But regardless of taste, this movie looks like it’s happening, so we’re going to talk about it, all right?

When the story first came out, we heard that Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson were being considered for the lead role. I thought that choice was kind of a no brainer, you know, since one of those ladies has an amazing voice, quite a bit like Whitney’s, actually, and the other makes auto-tuned pop music and uses sex appeal to sell her records. I thought that the idea of Rihanna being cast as Whitney Houston was kind of silly, and that surely within weeks Jennifer Hudson would get the part and then everyone involved in the film could officially commence with their creepy movie. I was wrong:

If the opportunity ever presented itself, Rihanna is hoping to make it known she would “love” the chance to play Whitney Houston in a biopic based on the singer’s life.

Opening up to The Press Association, Rihanna, 24, discussed her attachment to the legendary vocalist, who died tragically on February 11 at the age of 48.

“My first song that I remember falling love with was a Whitney Houston song: ‘I Will Always Love You,'” Rihanna shared. “It was really inspiring and it made me develop a passion for music, so really, she’s partly responsible for me being here in this industry.”

The “We Found Love” singer added she understands the type of commitment needed to undertake such a meaningful part.

“That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do, because I would really want to pull it off,” Rihanna told reporters. “That’s a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job.”

Ok, let’s theorize, all right? Maybe Rihanna really can sing. Maybe Rihanna has the ability to belt out a really impressive “I Will Always Love You” and bring us all to tears. Maybe Rihanna does the sort of music she does because she likes it and she wants to have fun. That’s all well and good, but here’s the thing: no.

I just don’t understand why this whole Rihanna as Whitney Houston thing is being pushed at all, especially in a world where Jennifer Hudson exists. Jennifer has proven herself to be a phenomenal singer, an amazing actress, and really, I think she looks a bit like Whitney, more than Rihanna, anyway. Am I crazy for not understanding why she’s not the obvious choice here?

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  • Of course princess illuminati wants to capitalize on Whitney’s death. She can sing but her voice is NOTHING like Whitney’s and for such an avid and obvious member of the “illuminati” to get the lead role in that film would be disturbing as fuck, especially since there’s a lot of evidence that she was killed by these people. Oh, and let’s stop pretending this was in the wraps before she died.

  • Rihanna dates abusive Chris Brown, gives him second chances, loses weight, tries to wear dresses that looked like Whitney’s… Wow… It’s like this was all being set up or something.

  • wtf rihanna can’t sing, she’s a sex performer/attention whore just like katy perry. whitney houston was a MUSICIAN.