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Is Miley Cyrus Cutting?

photo of miley cyrus walking her dog cutting pictures photos pics
I know. It just about killed me to have to even type that headline, because despite all of my ragging on Miley for this and that and the other thing, I think she’s probably a pretty decent chick. She’s young, she’s having fun, and all joking aside, I was probably pretty much like her nine years ago and age nineteen. Hell, I know I was much like her at age nineteen, drunken table-dancing, bong videos, phallic pastries and all. We’re all pretty much there at one point in our lives, you know, and unlike – ahem – some people, it’s usually when we’re young and hot and can just about get away with anything we want.

Miley’s a pretty good egg, and if there’s something going on here, it’s up to her friends and family to help her do something before she self-destructs. The top photo too obscure to tell? Well, look at this one:

photo of miley cyrus pictures pics cutting wrist photo
You can clearly see several defined lines that could possibly be some kind of scarring. And if that doesn’t convince you that something definitely scar-looking is hanging out on the inside of her wrist and arm, check out this shot:

photo of miley cyrus cutting scars pictures photos
So … yeah. There’s definitely something there, and I’m actually kind of concerned for Miley. If these aren’t just regular wear-and-tear scratches that girls get from, I don’t know, walking their dogs and eating penis cake, then there’s definitely an issue there that needs to be handled. I don’t think anyone wants her to have to go through what Demi Lovato did before she got help, you know?

So far there’s been no response from Miley’s camp about the alleged scars, nor has there been a whole lot of internet coverage to the magnitude that you’d expect over something like this. These photos, though, they kind of tell a disturbing story. I just hope it’s not a true one.

What do you guys think – cutting scars or … I don’t know what.

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  • That’s too bad. I always thought of her as insanely annoying but you hate to see a young kid do this to themselves.

  • Definitely *could be* . . . but if you notice how she wraps the leash, which I also do every, single time I walk my dogs, it’s very easy for them to put enough pressure on your skin to make red marks. Even though I don’t like her especially, I wouldn’t wish this on her.

  • I have a soft spot for Miley – perhaps because I was like her in my teens – and have some history of self-mutilation myself. I can say, pretty much without a doubt, those scars are from self-harm. I hope she gets better…

  • I’ve always sort of felt sorry for this girl because her dad is such a douche. Her parents are famewhores living vicariously off her blood sweat and tears. literally.

  • Oh she probably drew lines on her arms, then made sure they got photographed so she could be all “LOLZ I always draw on my wrists like this and people are just noticing now?!?!” Like she did with the “engagement” ring.
    This chick is a moron.

  • obviously they are photoshopped, look at the leash against her skin no indentation marks. Anyone with a laptop, half a semester in art school and a bit torrent account to down load said software could make this. ANYONE!

    • Really? The leash is obviously wrapped around her fingers and not against her palm or hand. Plus, you don’t see the dog tugging on it so you don’t know that there should be indentation marks. Anyone who didn’t waste $10,000.00 on a semester at art school could tell you that. ANYONE!

    • Not a leash…Look at the original picture and notice that the leash is in the other hand and this red cord belongs to those of her earphones.

  • There is a eating disorder for miley because If see cut her self that means if she lost 20 pounds and something in her mind will tell her to eat a lot so she might do one day that suicide cut herself are kill her self ok

  • Coming from a cutter… I hope she isn’t doing it for attention, that really annoys me. I have my problems, and it’s how I handle it… When someone just does it for attention, it makes me sick.

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