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Rock of Ages Is Going to Be The Best Movie We’ve Ever Seen

No, it really is. Do you remember when I showed you the first trailer back in December? It was a glorious piece of cinematic magic. Tom Cruise was elegant and graceful yet raw and powerful. The film itself could win every single award out there – the Oscars and the Grammys – based on the trailer alone. It was that amazing.

But look! It’s a brand new trailer! One filled with just as much magic and intrigue! Perhaps even a little more, because Tom Cruise sings a Bon Jovi song in this one. Really, he does. He prances around on stage without a shirt, with his flowing, majestic mane of hair and that awesome tattoo, and he sings “Wanted Dead or Alive.” That happens, and it’s … well, it’s more than I ever could have imagined, I’ll say that much.

Are we even going to be able to handle this movie when it comes out in June?

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  • It’s times like this, when I will be glad to be back in Afghanistan when this comes out. Because really? If this becomes a hit at the box office, the terrorists will truly have won.

  • If you’re low key disoriented like Sgt. Bales, go back to Afganistan. Perhaps you have more fun doing massacre than watching movies.

    • I’m not even going to dignify that with an explanation, nor will I ask why you felt that was appropriate to say anywhere, let alone on a gossip thread. I just wish you good luck and continue to be the poster-child for the pro-choice movement.

  • this looks awful, i literally cannot see how anyone could see the trailer for this and think “WOW this is going to be just SWELL!”, it’s embarrassing to watch.

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