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Wait, Jessica Simpson Is Supposed to Be Pregnant For Another Month?

A photo of Jessica Simpson

Oh my goodness. Another month, seriously? An entire month? Is this absolutely crazy to anyone else? For a reference, that picture above was taken at the beginning of January. She’s apparently due at the end of April. It all sort of makes sense if you think about it: Jessica announced she was pregnant back around Halloween, which, if she’s not due for another month, would mean that she made the announcement after the standard three months. But you guys, how much bigger could she possibly get?

From Us Weekly:

Jessica Simpson is hitting the home stretch of her pregnancy — and the fashionista is making drastic sacrifices indeed to stay relatively comfortable.

“Only one month to go!” the Fashion Star mentor, 31, was overheard telling a fellow shopper at Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica Tuesday, where she and a pal spent the afternoon. “I can’t wear heels anymore,” lamented the star, clad in a black maxi dress and flip flops. “I tried but it was too hard. Wearing heels is like a religion to me, so it’s tough!”

That means that Simpson (engaged to her daughter-to-be’s father, Eric Johnson) will have to amend her child labor plan. Back in November, the style mogul joked to Us Weekly: “I’m probably going to deliver my baby in [4-inch YSL heels]. . .I went to the doctor yesterday and he said, ‘You’re gonna need to get out of those heels!”

During her Wednesday excursion at Fred Segal, the heavily pregnant star was already plotting her post-pregnancy body goal, eyeing a slim pair of Elliot jeans as she blew big bubbles with her gum.

Cheerful if seemingly exhausted, she chugged Fiji water as she shopped — and while she couldn’t buy clothes for herself, she picked up some togs for her little girl at the Ron Robinson store. Simpson snapped up bloomers, shirts from Le Petit Bateau and a polka dot dress.

“It’s like carrying a bowling ball!” Simpson was overheard saying of her belly. “Almost done!”

That whole story just absolutely reeks of Jessica Simpson, doesn’t it? And I absolutely love that. She was, bless her heart, so lovable before she got pregnant, and afterwards? Crazy amounts of adorable. I know we’ve had this conversation before about how big Jessica is, but Evil Beet stands firm: Jessica Simpson is the cutest pregnant lady, forever and ever, the end.

But really, she still has a whole month left?

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  • I agree with EvilBeet…Jessica is a darling pregnant lady. I carried much like this since I’m very short and short-waisted (and busty). I gained only between 15-25 lbs each pregnancy, too.

  • Well, have fun “standing firm” in Delusionville, because she’s the only pregnant woman (besides Octomom) who I can say is repulsive looking. I bet we don’t see many more current pictures of her because she won’t be able to stand up.

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