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Please Put Your Penis Away, Iggy Pop, OK?

Here’s the truth of the matter: the video is NSFW. It’s NSFW for floppy penisisms. All over the place. And I don’t even know why. Want to know how old Iggy Pop is? I did. Especially after I watched this video, because Iggy Pop is going to be sixty-five years old in a few weeks, and I wanted to know exactly how old of a penis I was peeping.

Guys. It’s, for sure, the oldest penis I’ve ever seen. And honestly? It looks like most penises I’ve seen. Age apparently does nothing to the shaft of a dong. (Can I say ‘dong’? It’s really no worse than penis, at any rate.) Balls, now, I’m not quite sure. See, Iggy did us the justice of only showing the top half of his manhood – and his saggy ass, which I definitely could have gone an entire lifetime without having experienced this – but no bags, thank God. I mean, it’s not as if I’d want to see this guy’s package even in his heyday, back when he looked like this, anyway:

photo of iggy pop pictures photos young pics
The video is an excerpt from a show that Iggy did in Paris back in the day:

[Video director] Tim Pope describes watching the film footage with Iggy:

“I was the first person to watch an Iggy show with Iggy. He resembled a pert bird with tiny specs perched on his nose and wearing a japanese, blue dressing-gown. He asked me if he had taken his clothes off in the show. He had forgotten. I told him he did and he looked (I thought) a little genuinely embarrassed about being bare-arsed.”

Anyway. The video. It’s not safe for work, for small children, for older children, or for anyone who might question your sanity because you’re looking at a clip of Iggy Pop’s over-animated trousersnake. Enjoy it, OK?

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  • Maybe you can tell the age of wood the same way you can tell the age of wood…by the rings or something.

  • Honestly, i prefer to watch old iggy’s penis than rhianna’s ass or beyonce’s supernaturally produced offspring.

  • I’m still so in love with Iggy. Age be damned- the man can still preform and was one of the four groups that started punk. And his body is still beyond amazing for 64/65. Fuck even if he was 40 it would be a great body. Iggy has been doing over the top fuck the world performances since 1973. The peanut butter incident anyone?

  • Oh please, cover it up already. It just looks stupid for a grown man to have his pants down like that. Reminds me of my toddler sons when they needed their bottoms wiped. So not sexy.

  • The articles “author” Sarah is a no nothing, thats footage shot back in 1991 at the Olympia Theatre in Paris France. I’ve had the home video for twenty years.