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… Was Adrien Brody Kicked Off SNL?

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This is semi-old news, as the following interview was released about two weeks ago, but I’m sorry – I just cannot pass up a chance to talk about the object of my celebrity obsession. No way, no how.

Word on the street has it that Adrien was banned from SNL for ad-libbing when he wasn’t told to ad-lib. Which, to me, kind of defeats the purpose of ad-libbing, because if you can’t ad-lib when you feel it’s appropriate to ad-lib, when can you ad-lib, I ask you?

Check out a snipped of the recent interview from Moviefone, where Adrien discussed his new role in Detachment (which will be, to be sure, The Pianist caliber-type awesome), and where the SNL incident was brought to light:

Another comedic topic that I’ve wanted to learn more about: there’s a rumor that you’ve been banned from “SNL.”
I’ve heard that, but I don’t know.

Did Lorne Michaels say something to you backstage?
No, nothing like that.

Then I don’t know how that story got out.
I don’t either.

Well I’d like to see you host again.
I would too, I had a great time.

Further details on why he was allegedly blacklisted from ever appearing as a host on SNL again:

Adrien Brody became the latest person banned on May 10, 2003. He came out to introduce reggae musician Sean Paul, while wearing Rastafarian attire including faux dreadlocks. Without any prior notice, Brody began rambling in a Jamaican accent for close to 45 seconds before finally introducing the act incorrectly, misannouncing “Sean Paul” as “Sean John.”

You can check out a video from the “incident” here, because though I tried for, like, a whole forty-five minutes, I could not, for the life of me, get this video to embed. CLICK THE LINK.

But yeah. So this happened almost an entire decade ago, ages before I even knew that I loved him, but like I said, guys: I’ll never, never pass up the chance to talk about Adrien Brody, even if the news is older than some of Evil Beet’s readers. For real. Can we just get that straight?

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