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More Great Pregnancy Fashion Courtesy of Jessica Simpson

photo of jessica simpson maternity clothes pictures
These are photos from Jessica‘s latest jaunt to the Boneyard Bistro restaurant in Palm Springs, where she and that dude went for lunch. I checked the restaurant’s menu out and it features things like andouille sausage everything, chili dogs, nachos, BBQ, and six-pound burger, and nary a shred of lettuce in sight, unless it’s deep-fried and covered in blue cheese and … more blue cheese. Sounds like a heart-attack waiting to happen, or, you know, just f-cking DELICIOUS. Check out the photos of Jess and her baby bump (and that dude) in the gallery.

Oh, and the dress, too. The dress. It’s not like you can miss it or anything, but I wanted to make sure I put it out there that you have to look at the dress. OK? LOOK AT HER DRESS.

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  • She doesn’t seem to be giving a shit what she puts in her body…which would be fine if she didn’t have a baby in there. Good luck losing all the weight Jess…diabetes is not a good look.

  • She looks like one of those ancient stone fertility goddesses that they dug up in Mesopotamia a few thousand years ago. They had monstrous breasts and a monstrous gut and ultra-fat legs and tiny feet. So, if you’re interested in ancient Mesopotamia, here’s a photo for your essay.

  • yes, the dress is atrocious, but what stands out to me is her happiness. That’s what is important & Jess will always be my girl! :)