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Demi Moore Didn’t Go to Rehab, She Went Back in Time

photo of demi moore for helena rubenstein pictures photos pics
Or so somebody wants us to think, anyway. This is her latest photo shoot with Helena Rubenstein, presumably done before all of this Ashton-cheating business came to light, because I don’t think she’s quite back in the swing of career things just yet.

The shoot isn’t bad, and it’s definitely flattering, especially when you consider how old Demi is, but there’s really only one thing that doesn’t really look like it was touched: her pretty eye color. Wait. No. No, it was. My bad. See, Demi’s got heterochromia iridum, I believe, which is two eyes with two different color irises. One of her eyes is the lovely green that you see in the pictures, and the other eye is hazel. Which is just as lovely, mind you, but apparently those at Helena Rubenstein preferred to choose the green eye pigmentation over the hazel, and no, I don’t know why. I think Demi’s heterocrhomia iridium is sweet, but hey. I guess when you completely wash away all identifying factors of a woman’s face in an attempt to make her look “flawless,” this is what you get. Here’s a photo of Demi from a few years back which really highlights her eyes:

photo of demi moore pictures photos pics
See? Nothing doing there, but yet since it’s not perfect, it’s not OK. Sigh.

Hope you’re doing well, girl – we’re still pulling for you. Just stay away from the douches, OK?

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  • Shallow and sad.. actors always living life by judging their looks, monetary status, clothes or car, rather than looking deep inside at their heart, accepting their human fate and dealing with the trickster personality

  • Despite (or because of) playing only strong female roles, I’ve always thought of her as someone who is incredibly insecure. She’s unable or unwilling to portray herself as a weak person. I think that says a lot about how comfortable a person is in their own skin. Sad.

  • Well this is a shame because Demi’s a really good looking woman, but the one in the picture doent’ even look like her (though she’s really pretty too!). Is it me or does it look like a mix of Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood?

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