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The Child-Killer That I Said I’d Never Talk About Again On This Site Has “Found Jesus” and is Starting All Over Again

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Again, from Radar Online:

Casey Anthony is embracing religion, and has exclusively learned the notorious ‘Tot Mom’ is getting baptized.

According to an insider, Anthony, 26, wanted to do something to signify a new beginning in her life.

“Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month,” an insider exclusively told

“She figured getting baptized would be the best way start this new chapter in her life. It’s a new beginning.”

The best part of this is (if you can swallow it, anyway) that the reason Casey‘s getting baptized is not to, you know, appear sympathetic to the public that despises her so, but because she believes that her daughter Caylee is with Jesus and the angels in heaven, and wants to be there, too, to reunite with her dearly departed little girl when she, herself, goes to heaven. (!!!) I could f-cking puke. No, seriously, I could jam my entire damn fist in my mouth and induce vomiting as we speak.

I know that the last time I talked about this nasty little c-nt, I said that unless she was heading to the gas chamber, I wouldn’t speak about her on the site again, but I just found it really hard keeping my rage and distaste inside, guys, and I hope you understand that writing about her and her bullshit is almost therapeutic for me, even if some of you consider my statements about writing about her and hating her and giving her fame to be hypocritical. Sometimes we do certain things in the heat of the moment, like going back on your word and sharing something you said you wouldn’t, or, you know, regretting having brought an innocent life into this world and deviously disposing of the encumbrance known as “child,” and then BAM. It’s done. There’s just no taking it back.

I’m sorry, guys. I’m apologizing a lot today, I know, but this time I genuinely mean it.

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  • I would not want to be in that church when the water hit her skin—the place will go up in flames!

    She was actually in my dream last night (scary, right?). I don’t mind the posts; actually, I went through a brief phase where I was fascinated by this sociopath, not in a good way, of course. But, like, how do you kill your kid and then take police on a wild goose chase???? BALLS!!!

  • I just discovered this link, and you, Sarah. Couldn’t have said
    it better myself! Hope this bitch dies in a fiery car accident!

  • This whole thing is a P.R. move, I’m afraid, because it means she’s trying to stay in this country. Wasn’t shit-stain all set to move to Mexico a year ago or something? Hope the pastor told her that Jello shots, wet t-shirts and mens’ room blow-jobs are off the list, too.

  • This goes right back to her narcissism (I know I spelled that wrong, but I just woke up). Who do you think released this information to the world? She did…or at least she wanted it released. She wants people to know so the attention will go back on her. She loved the attention of the trial, be it good, bad, or indifferent, people were focusing on HER and that’s the most important thing to her.

    If she were truly trying to turn her life around she would not be mentioning this to the public, she would instead be keeping it private. It’s just Casey being Casey. Some things never change.

  • She was found not guilty by a juror of her peers. If you were in her situation would you want people to vote guilty just because people perceived you were guilty from watching Nancy Grace? Get over it.

    • If I were in her situation … wait, I wouldn’t have killed my child to begin with. Never mind!

    • Just because she was found not guilty by a jury doesn’t mean she didnt do it.

      OJ Simpson ring a bell?

  • People get over it, if shes sincerly devoting herself to Jesus Christ then good for her. Im not saying what she did was not wrong but only Gods judgment on her really means anything. As for her daughter, shes in heaven, God only knows why things happen the way they do. we have to trust that he knows wjat Hes doing and just pray for the best in people.

  • People anoy me how can you get over somethin like this, that poor child, it was her she has gulty all over her face, who in the right mind would go clubbin after your child goes aparently missin, she is one nasty evil women, that poor beautiful lil girl, and them grandparent’s stickin up for their daughter honestly they all need their head’s testin if my daughter killed my grandaughter she could burn in hell, a life for a life an the police are coverin for her she shouldn’t be out of prison

  • Such hypocrisy, double standards … so much for PC. Who even cares about Casey Anthony anyway. All you cunts should just shut the fuck up!

  • I love your reaction to this. It I think Is vary close to how thoes people feel when they think about the killing of unborn babies in abortions. Just thinking about it used to make me cry about twice a week.