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Aww, Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower Was Yesterday!

A photo of Jessica Simpson

I’ve never really had a reason to talk about this before, but listen, I love me some baby showers. And really, why wouldn’t I? Baby showers are just little parties with lots of cake, except no one ever really feels the need to get belligerently drunk and pass out in the bathroom right after they lock the door and then cover the entire room with their own vomit like regular parties. There are also fun games that you can win, which I always love, and there’s typically a focus on babies, which I also always love. Where can you go wrong?

Here’s the rundown of Jessica Simpson‘s baby shower from People:

Jessica Simpson is expecting a baby girl – and her family and friends have already started helping her celebrate!

On Sunday afternoon, her nearest and dearest gathered in Los Angeles for a baby shower organized by celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss.

Simpson wore her hair down with soft braids around her face and sported a light blue dress that showed off her pregnant belly. She was joined by Jessica Alba and sisterAshlee. And when Ashlee arrived with son Bronx, Jessica greeted them outside the party.

“Jessica looked pretty and very happy,” says an eyewitness.

Adds a friend: “She’s so excited to be a mom. She can’t wait to meet her little girl.”

I know this is a frequent topic of discussion around these parts, but man, Jess is so pregnant. She’s made it clear that she’s only got one baby in there, so it must be the size of a two-year-old by now. Really, and this may seem harsh or mean or whatever, but I promise I’m being sympathetic, she reminds me of this one lady I saw on A Baby Story who was pregnant with triplets, I think, and all she could do was lie in bed all day because the rest of her body could just barely support her tummy. She would just cry buckets whenever she had to stand up because it was just too much. Obviously Jess here isn’t at that point, but I really can’t imagine she’s super comfortable. Because she’s so pregnant.

Check out the lovely pictures where you can see that for yourself, along with Jessica Alba with a baby stroller and a really awkward picture of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz together. I’ve kind of missed that crazy ol’ succubus!

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  • Her belly seems to be straining against the dress but the dress is baggy around the boobs…her belly is HUGE.

  • What is she having? Quintoplets! There is NO WAY it’s just one baby in there… if so, GOOD LUCK JESSICA!

  • Good grief, if it’s not a giant all-encompassing orange dress that makes her look like a giant orange then it’s a giant all-encompassing blue dress that makes her look like a giant blueberry.

  • Even Snooki has a long way to go to look as misshapen, over-fed and as huge as Jessica Simpson.

  • That is seriously the fattest fucking fat pregnant fat chick I have ever fucking seen. How many kids is she about to crap out? She’s definitely the preggo-weight watchers/but not really-plastic surgery blind item that was going around about a week ago