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Love It or Leave It: Russell Brand’s Mug Shot

A photo of Russell Brand

Yeah, as you can see, Russell Brand did end up getting arrested for grabbing a dude’s phone and throwing it through a window on Monday. He actually moseyed on down to the police station himself, which was a sweet thing to do. And of course, he’s already posted bail and gotten out, and he’s already paid for the window he broke in his little temper tantrum, which is also sweet. What a nice, admirable little tale of jail time, right? It could have been so, so much worse.

But man, take a gander at that crazy-eyed mug shot, would you? Did Russell get arrested for throwing an iPhone or for assisting the Manson family in another murder? Really, he looks like Jesus with a darker past and higher cheekbones. I hope he’s doing ok with the divorce and the drama surrounding it, because he sure as hell doesn’t look like it. Hey, did I mention that already? That Russell Brand looks entirely too crazy here?

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