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Watch This: Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser

The audio is crap, but what do you expect? Someone filmed this on their phone or something while shopping at Target. Have you ever heard the acoustics in Target? They’re amazing. Especially in the dressing rooms. It’s really no wonder you can’t understand a damned thing being said in the entire clip, but whatever – it’s the first live-action look at Bella Swan as a vampire. Could you just die? The film’s actual trailer will debut along with the opening showing of The Hunger Games on March 23rd, and I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of folks out there who’ll be shelling out twelve and fourteen dollars for the sake of three or four minutes of Breaking Dawn preview. There’s a lot of sick people out there, you know.

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  • Booooooooo not before The Hunger Games, good Lord, not before The Hunger Games. Let’s not taint Katniss Everdeen’s name with Twilight.