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Julia Roberts’ Kids Don’t Like Her Acting

A photo of Julia Roberts

From The Daily Express:

As one of the most famous actresses in the world, it may come as a surprise that Julia Roberts’s three children appear to be the biggest critics of her thespian skills.

Julia has three children, twins hazel and Phinnaeus, seven, and Henry, four, with husband Daniel Moder and admits there is no luvvie behaviour in her house.

“They hate me acting at home,” says the 44-year-old. “I read to them at bedtime and they’re just like, ‘Can you stop doing that? Stop with the voices!’ So I have to just read it normally.”

Yeah, I’m totally with Julia Roberts‘ kids here. I’m sorry, but have you seen the trailer for her newest movie?

Don’t get me wrong, I love cheesy movies and I love bad movies, and heaven knows I love fairy tale movies, but this? This just looks like a hot mess rolled up in cheap costumes and eyebrows. I see this trailer pretty often, since I go to the movies pretty often*, and every time I feel like I’m going to roll my eyes so far back into my head that they aren’t going to come back in time for the actual movie I went to see. I just think it looks so bad.

Now, if I was Julia Roberts’ kid during the 90’s? Totally different story. I’d be all “mommy, could you read me the princess story again please?” and she’s be like “which one, darling?” and I’d be like “Cinde-f*ckin-rella.” And then we’d giggle and hug.

*We saw Journey 2 The Mysterious Island yesterday, that movie with Dwayne Johnson, and it was pretty enjoyable. It was 3-D, and there was this one part where The Rock bounced berries off his pecs, and it looked like the berries were flying right at your face! But before that, we went to see Joyful Noise, that Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah movie that I was so excited about. And listen, you guys have to see it. It’s so funny. I mean, it’s kind of a horrible movie, but it’s so horrible it’s absolutely hilarious. I felt bad for the other people in the theater because there were a few stretches of around ten minutes or so where I could just not stop laughing. I was doubled over in the seat, trying to breathe, it was amazing.

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  • Gotta agree she is possibly the most over rated actress every. Her kids must be pretty sharp and scared shitless having to listen to that before bed.

  • No offense to Julia, but all her acting nowadays seems to portray a frigid bitch. What happened to the woman with the bright eyes and the dazzling smile?