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Aww, Dick Van Dyke Got Married!

A photo of Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver

Man, love sure has been in the air lately, huh? It seems like everywhere you turn, people are getting married and having babies and initiating long overdue breakups. I think the universe is doing a bit of catching up when it comes to romance, and lucky for the always adorable Dick Van Dyke, the universe had his back.

From Rumor Fix:

RumorFix has learned exclusively that Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke, 86, married to his makeup artist on Leap Day.

The Mary Poppins star tells RumorFix he met 40-year-old Arlene Silver six years ago at the SAG Awards, “I was in the green room and she passed through and I was bowled over by her beauty.”

The octogenarian then hired her to be his personal makeup artist and they became friends. “The last couple of years we kind of fell in love,” he tells us. The healthy TV and film star says, “She keeps up with me.”

Then on February 29th, the Diagnosis Murder star decided to make the plunge, “Kinda on the spur of the moment, we just decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it.”

Arlene tells RumorFix, “He’s the happiest person I ever met. He’s got an infectious spirit.”

Dick, who couldn’t stop smiling during our interview,  says being a newlywed in his 80s is “Wonderful. Wonderful.”

The actor/dancer/singer, who has been in committed relationships since 1948 confesses, “I’m not a loner. I have to have a life partner. I found the perfect one.”

Did ol Dick’s tale of finding love touch your heart as much as it touched mine? Are you inspired to go out and find your perfect life partner now too, just like Dick did? Do you think if you were Arlene Silver that you would spend most of your time with Dick making him hilariously and so endearingly trip over furniture and pretend to be a penguin and sing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and forcing him to do all the sweeping in the house?

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  • i’m sorry i just can’t quite get over the fact that THEY HAVE A 46 YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE like he could y’know be her young grandpa or old dad…i feel like the only reason this isn’t creepy is because it’s Dick Van Dyke(like Hugh Hefner and his “girlfriends” in their 20s=barf!)

  • Only they know for sure and I am happy he is happy. He made me happy for years on T.V. and WOW what a gorgious son….:) He is a smart man so I feel sure his business affairs (as well as his child production) are exactly as he wants them….LET’S CONGRATULATE THEM FOR FINDING SOMEONE THAT MAKES THEM SMILE.