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Britney Will Only Join the X-Factor if They Double Her Money

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Remember we talked about how much Britney was charging for tour tickets last year? Apparently she thinks she’s still completely worth it, even though her tour was a veritable bomb, because sources close to the X-Factor are saying that unless the execs offer Britney more than a measly ten-million-dollar contract, she’s taking her talent and walking from the negotiations table.

Britney is allegedly asking for somewhere around twenty million, and is pretty firm on the amount. The sickest thing yet? Paula Abdul, though she’s been a staple on this kind of scene for awhile now, only made $2.3 million for last year’s X-Factor stint. And Britney supposedly thinks she’s worth ten times more than a lady that’s been doing this shit for years? Good heavens.

Don’t worry, though, guys. I know there’s going to be some of you flipping the f-ck out if you can’t get your Britney fix, and those same people will be positively crushed if this X-Factor thing doesn’t pan out, but you’ve got another chance to see Britney do it up Britney-style and lip sync her songs to rabid audiences. According to sources, if the series’ executives don’t give her what she wants, Britney’s other option is to become a resident performer in Las Vegas at some hotel, and the same sources are saying that the idea is pretty appealing to Britney herself, too.

My oh my, how the mighty have fallen.

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