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Quotables: Snooki’s Already a Great Mom

photo of pregnant snooki pictures in a club boyfriend pic
“I don’t want to be one of those moms who’s pregnant in a club. It’s disgusting.”

Oh. OK then. See, I thought there was some kind of misunderstanding for a second. That quote up there? That’s Snooki, who said earlier in the week to Us that she didn’t want to be all up in the club pregnant. Because it was trashy, in a manner of speaking. Yet the photos above (and below)? They tell a different story, huh? Or, I don’t know – they were … what, taken in a setting room made to look like a club? Just because that’s Snooki’s thing, even though she doesn’t want it to be her thing while she’s pregnant? No? Right. I didn’t think so.

Yeah, I suppose that would be Snooki up there, chilling her ass at a club almost four months pregnant (not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with it) even though she said that wasn’t her place to be, like, a few days ago.

Way to go, girl. Maybe you should try to convince the world of something other than the fact that you’re a flighty, waffling famewhore in addition to just being a regular, old famewhore. Quite a feat, I know, but I thought it could have been done for a hot second. I guess we’re all way wrong sometimes, huh?

Now, can we just make sure one more time that it was, indeed, a club she was hanging in, before we all look silly for making baseless assumptions?:

photo of snooki in a club pregnant pictures photos
Yeah. Unless there’s a coffee shop that happens to have a red carpet sort of thing that facilitates photos featuring D-list reality stars and serves high-end champagne, I suppose Snooki was in a club hanging out after all. Is it so ‘disgusting’ now, Snooks, that you’ve kind of put your foot in your mouth?

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  • I say this will be a nightmare situation unless she retires for a few years like Nicole Richie and tends to her child exclusively.. otherwise she is easily led to do inappropriate things..