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Guess What Megan Fox is Afraid Of. … It’s Banana Men.

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I know; I really should have given you more of a fighting chance to guess what it could be other than banana men (a day without Botox, her Marilyn Monroe tattoo never going away, never being cast in another decent movie again), but I just couldn’t resist. It was too, too good not to give away myself, and guys, I just love to give. I give and I give and I give, and when it comes to Megan Fox, I don’t even want anything back. Seriously. Keep it all.

Anyway, as I revealed to you, Megan is afraid of men dressed up as bananas, and she discussed the whats and the whys on the Ellen show. Are you ready for the video? It’s good. The story’s entertaining, and the surprise visitor at the end really makes the whole thing worthwhile. Go ahead, watch it:

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Priceless, right? Did you see her face when the banana jumped out at her? Oh, hilarious! I thought – just for a second – that we actually saw a real facial expression there, but it was probably pain. I hear that so much Botox eventually hardens in one’s face and if the patient makes an abrupt face (pardon me – tries to make an abrupt face), it can crack and inflict major pain resulting in internal bleeding.

I mean, I’m not a doctor, I just play one on television.

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