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6Goldie Hawn Shows You Her Gitch at Age 66

photo of goldie hawn drunk london pictures photos
Whee, huh?

This is what Goldie Hawn looked like last night (sorry, this morning – I’m told that she stayed well into the night and didn’t split ’til almost 5 AM) after leaving Annabel’s Club in London, where she … well, she wasn’t eating crumpets and drinking tea, that’s for damned sure.

The thing is, though, that I’m not going to come down on Goldie for appearing to be completely shellacked in the face of seventy years. Nope. Because she’s Goldie Hawn, and this is what she’s been specializing in for, what, fifty years? This is the kind of stuff that keeps the lady alive, and if she feels that compulsion to go out and get hammered every once in awhile (even if she is of legal retirement age in the US), she’s well entitled to it.

Goldie was out celebrating something for the Hawn Foundation, which is an organization in place to help kids be kids and, you know, thrive:

The Hawn Foundation seeks to help transform children’s lives by providing them with opportunities to acquire vital social and emotional skills, to improve academic performance, enhance the quality of their lives, and help others in their community. We support research studies conducted by university associated social scientists and neuroscientists and develop evidence-based educational programs for children, such as MindUP™, using cutting-edge scientific research on the brain and social emotional learning. The Hawn Foundation is committed to helping children lead confident, happy, and successful lives. We also assist educators to create supportive learning and social environments that effectively address children’s mental and physical wellbeing while nurturing the growth of creative, reflective habits of mind.

Oh! I see. And apparently smoke pot. Lots of pot. Does anyone smell the pot just emanating off those words? Who the hell even wrote that, the spiritual gangsta herself?:

photo of goldie hawn spiritual gangsta pics
But honestly. All innocent ribbing aside, isn’t Goldie just fabulous? Still? Seriously, no matter what this lady does, she can do no wrong. Other than that whole “birthing and parenting Kate ‘I only date musicians’ Hudson” thing, she’s completely golden in my book. Ha! Did you get that? Yes? Golden? OK, good.

Last, I’d be a liar if I didn’t hope (entirely, wholly) that the night out in London wrapped up something much like this:

Because really, what involves Goldie Hawn that’s much better than that? Love you, girl!

March 8, 2012 at 2:30 pm by Sarah
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6 Responses to “Goldie Hawn Shows You Her Gitch at Age 66”

  1. Trista W. says:

    blondie used to be a hooker back in the hollyweird daze. now her daughter is the hoebag.

  2. Annie Aging says:

    All time favorite actress. Loved her in Overboard!

  3. Ijeoma. says:

    Loved her in Butterflies Are Free. She can do whatever the hell she wants lol

  4. evilbeetdouche says:

    Looks like the attendant is giving her the ole Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award in the caboose.

  5. susan goss says:

    I love goldie. She is a great example of what every american woman should be.Inspite of not being married, her and Kurt have shown what true togetherness is all about. They have been faithful to each other and their children. May God bless them, and watch over them.

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