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Lots of people think the government killed Andrew Breitbart. Did they? [The Superficial]

Cameron Diaz got into a seriously shitty pile of plastic surgery. [Lainey Gossip]

Elisabeth Moss is hot and … well, see for yourself. [Starpulse]

Hulk Hogan‘s had HOW many sex partners? [The Superficial]

Hot Harry shoots and flies. [Lainey Gossip]

Reese Witherspoon‘s pregnant. [The Superficial]

Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger. [ICYDK]

Lindsay Lohan‘s morphing mug. It’s bad. [INFDaily]

American Idol recap. I can’t believe this stupid show is almost over. [CDL]

Jay-Z‘s lawsuit. [Huff Po]

Christina Hendricks talks nudes. [Celebslam]

Robert Pattinson‘s been calling and texting Katy Perry every day? [Cele|bitchy]

Kristen Johnston was addicted to booze and pills. [Hollywood Backwash]

LOL! THIS is who Lindsay Lohan was mistaken for. [Celebslam]

Lana Del Rey has a stupid face filled with … fillers. [Yeeeah]

The View is talking about Kirk Cameron now. [OMGBlog]

Whitney Houston‘s will revealed. [Socialite Life]

Marc Jacobs locomotive. His BIG locomotive. [The Frisky]

Jim Carrey‘s plethora of faces. [theBERRY]

Selena Gomez wears no pants, has scary legs. [IDLYITW]

Ashley Olsen quit acting again. [The Blemish]

Kelly Clarkson‘s shocking before and after. [Celebrity Rant]

Somebody’s saying that Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged, and isn’t that super? [Hollywood Dame]

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