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Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Really Knows How to Accentuate Her Best Features, Huh?

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And naturally, I’m talking about her teeth and not her legs. Look at the way they just jump out at you from her profile! Lord! Because there’s no way that LeAnn‘d be thinking that her tiny, scrawny little chicken legs look, you know, attractive in those skin-tight jeans. I mean, honestly. Have you ever? No? Me either. That’s a horrible look for someone so slender. I’m not saying that she should be covering up those things in bolts and bolts of ungainly fabric or anything, but come on.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on her little legs too long here – I’ve got news! There’s big doings going on with LeAnn-girl, and it’s all got to do with Simon Cowell. What, you wonder, could Simon Cowell possibly have to do with LeAnn Rimes? Apparently Entertainment Weekly has the ‘exclusive’ scoop that LeAnn’s in talks to join the cast of the X-Factor, what with there being vacancies in the shape of Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. You could probably fit six LeAnns into each of those ladies, so I think Simon will be wanting to seek out another five or so judges if that’s how we’re choosing, but hey! It’s a job! LeAnn Rimes might be on television, and not in some crappy Lifetime movie! From EW:

Sources say Rimes is interested in joining the Fox reality hit, with one source adding that she’s met with Factor co-producer FremantleMedia North America about the gig.

X Factor chief Simon Cowell is seeking to fill the judges panel spots vacated by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger before the second season starts production later this year. Sources say he’ll most likely hire two female talents to join himself and music producer L.A. Reid for a gender-balanced panel.

Cowell has not made firm offers for the posts, while the list of candidates continue to shift and official outlets continue to decline comment. But Rimes could make sense on a few levels for X Factor. First, she would add country music expertise, like Blake Shelton provides for NBC’s The Voice. That could also boost the show’s ratings since country music award shows have been one of the few TV genres to have successfully grown their audience in recent years. Rimes also knows what it’s like to compete in a TV talent competition since she first gained national attention when she was eight years old by becoming a finalist on Star Search in 1991. Plus, Rimes’ personal life, marriage to Eddie Cibrian, and weight issues — while polarizing — have also drawn plenty of headlines, which would spur press coverage of the show.

Awesome or what? Is it OK that we let LeAnn slide on those skinny emaciation jeans then? Is being on real TV enough to make us forget all of LeAnn’s fashion transgressions?

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  • How does she walk on those things without snapping them? I’m starting to feel as uncomfortable about commenting on people being overly thin as I always have been about commenting on people being “fat.” But the way she is dressed is just accentuating her (lack of) weight and almost inviting comment.

  • It comes as no surprise that Leann is wearing those jeans and flipping her hair or running her hands through her hair to give the impression she is sexy, and therefore there is no way that Eddie is cheating on her with Liz(the woman in the red shirt) or still has feelings for Brandi. It looks like Leann is trying to mimic Brandi’s look from Sunday. Why would Leann feel the need to be in competition with Brandi if Eddie loves Leann like she claims and has moved on?

    Leann has been setting up staged photo-ops since last Friday. So what is she trying to prove by saturating the internet with daily staged photos of herself with Eddie, Liz, Brandi, and her stepsons? That Simon C should hire her for a judge on his show because she is the next “IT” girl, as evidenced by the fact that the paps have been “following” her since last Friday(Leann called the paps and told them where and when to meet her for the day)? Why would anyone want to watch Leann on the X Factor when she sets up these daily staged photo-ops which result in more backlash against her? People are disgusted by Leann’s actions, especially when she invites the paps to her stepson’s soccer games/school as a means to clean up her image.