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Hey Kim, What Did You Do With Your Wedding Gifts?

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I know there was that rumor that you just traded in a bunch of your wedding presents to get some neat Rolexes, but that wasn’t true, was it, Kim Kardashian? You couldn’t really do that! You certainly returned them all after your 72 day marriage, because that would be the right thing to do, wouldn’t it? Especially since the gifts were so pricey, and, uh, you were only married for 72 days. No, I’m sure all the rumors were wrong, and you totally returned each and every one of those gifts.

Oh, wait, you really did just keep them all? And that’s been proven? That’s … well, let’s just get the facts and then discuss, ok?

Kim Kardashian is making lemonade out of lemons.

The reality star, 31, and husband Kris Humphries received about $100,000 worth of wedding gifts back in August, but they famously called it quits after just 72 days, with Kardashian filing for divorce Oct. 31.

But Kardashian wrote all of her wedding guests a thank-you note. As obtained by TMZ, the letter reads “I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation.”

A source confirms to Us that Kardashian wrote a check to the Dream Foundation worth double the value of her expensive gifts. (While Kardashian and Humphries, 26, kept the actual gifts, the source explains that the Dream Foundation, like most charities, could make far better use of the money versus high-priced vases and blenders.)

Similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Dream Foundation, founded in 1993, is a “wish-granting organization” for adults (from paying bills to creating happy memories to providing emotional support) with life-threatening illnesses.

There, see! The money for every gift she received has been donated to charity! How thoughtful! This just goes to show you that Kim isn’t the horrible person everyone makes her out to be, and that she has a huge heart and not a materialistic bone in her body. If she did, then she would have kept all those fancy wedding gifts!

Oh, snap. I just reread the article. She totally kept all those fancy wedding gifts, and she sent a letter to everyone basically saying “thanks for the cool prezzies and now for this awesome tax write-off!” What’s more telling, though, is that she obviously thinks that’s a marvelous thing to do and that people will be proud of her for it. Not so much. She can afford to get her own high-priced vases and blenders and to donate money to charity, there’s no reason for her to take this route. It’s tacky as hell, and I wish I could say that I expected more from her.

What would you do if you were in Kim’s situation?

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  • Kim Kardashian = trashy twat. She has no class – never had it and never will. Just a greedy no-talent.

  • Ok, she receives presents that other people paid for with THEIR money. She doesn’t return the gifts to the givers, but rather, makes a donation to a charity. Hmmm.

    So the gift-givers are out of their money/gift and she gets to take a tax write-off due to the generosity of others?!!! Way to work the system and then try to make yourself look better.

  • I also like how its a form thank you. “Thanks for the lovely gift (of whatever the hell you gave me, honestly I didn’t even pay attention, but hey look! Sparkles!) For the love of Pete you can at least put in the 2 hours to fill-in-the-blank on the bunch since all of the gifts are something someone paid >$1,000 for. Although to be fair, I don’t know how you find the time to do that from October to March. I mean, it is only 4.5 months….

    • She couldn’t find the time because it spent famewhoring…. Standard operating procedure.

  • ok what i got from this was “hey i kept your gift but instead of giving it back to you so you could have your money back(which would be the least i could do for inviting you to a long ass televised sham of a wedding), i donated it to a charity you had no say in selecting!”-luckily i never have to image what it’d be like to sit through that shit and have this happen, poor people :(

  • Yep. 1 – Use other people’s money to make yourself look good. 2 – Take the easy way out by having your accountant write one check. She couldn’t even be bothered to hire people to figure out what should be returned to whom. Completely classless. But what else would you expect?

  • Wouldn’t her ex get a say in the gifts as well? As I recall, the gifts were for the couple, not just for Kim, so did she just do this all on her own and assume that the gifts were hers? I think she should have returned them and if I was that idiot that married her, I would have demanded she did so. She’s so used to getting her way with everything; someone needs to shut her down.