Oh, Olivia Munn Also Had Leaked Photos

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Not to be outdone by Christina Hendricks and her fabulous nude body, my favorite girl Olivia Munn also had a nude leak over the past twenty-four hours, too. The shots show Olivia in various stages of undress, in bikinis, in lingerie, and finally, the icing atop the cake, a full-frontal nude shot. Didn’t know girlfriend had it in her (OK, bad joke; of course I knew. You can practically see it in the one photo, jeez Louise).

Check out the NSFW photos after the jump, as well as what Olivia had to say about them.

… And what did Olivia herself have to say about all of the inappropriateness? Well, not much, but people related to the incident are apparently talking to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ, several of the shots are legit — namely the black bra, the bikini, the v-neck … all of which Olivia has previously posted on her blog or Twitter. But according to sources, the ones where you can’t see her face are 100% fake … including the nude shot.

We’re told someone with a similar body to Olivia is taking provocative photos and trying to pass them off as the real thing — why … we have no idea.

So far, no official word from Olivia’s camp.

OK, now, check out the photos and do an intensive comparison.

What do you guys think? Is it, or isn’t it, her?

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  1. Chaz says:

    Poor thing is apt to catch cold running around like that…. She should climb up on ‘ol Uncle Chaz’s lap!!! Btw Sarah, I love it when you sport girl-wood!!

  2. Young Jeezy says:

    Man she is Sofa King hot. I would literally eat the corn out of her…. you know the rest. I find her sexy beyond belief. I would love to get her in the sack. I bet she is crazy nasty in bed.

  3. tm says:

    I don’t think it matters, because they were suppose to be private.

  4. Mark says:

    Why the hell do they keep this up is it like there goal to ruin peoples lives…

  5. Iago says:

    Question is, Mark, was it her goal to ruin her own life when (and if) she took those pictures?

    Shit happens, life goes on. Anyone seeing anyone’s natural body is not going to ruin any lives. At all.

  6. She is hot and I turn lesbian
    After seeing her

  7. Sosi Bagdasarian says:

    I want to get in the porrn industry
    so badly