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Lady Gaga Wants to Have A Baby Next Year

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This is one of the stories that you’re just going to have to take with a grain of salt. I don’t really buy it, but I want to discuss it, so could you just do me a solid here?

Here is the epic tale of Lady Gaga‘s baby fever and her plan for the cure:

Lady Gaga has told the family of her new love – Vampire Diaries TV hunk Taylor Kinney – that she wants to settle down with him and have his babies.

The couple have just returned from a trip to meet Taylor’s folks in his home town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to break the news that they want to start a family together. And yesterday Taylor’s aunt Kathryn Loh declared: “There’s no doubt he loves her and she loves him. Now everyone’s met her, we love her too! They are perfect together.”

Another relative revealed Taylor’s dad Daniel was at first taken aback when the 30-year-old actor and Gaga, 25, delivered their baby bombshell, adding: “He’d hoped they might get married first but he’s seen how much they care for one another and was happy in the end to give his blessing.”

Gaga’s own parents in New York are also said to have given their seal of approval to the Born This Way singer’s dream of having her own little bundle of joy.

A close friend told the Daily Star Sunday: “Both families are happy and she’s already doodling baby names on scraps of paper. She’s been bragging about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so handsome. She wants everything with him – love, marriage and a family. But she’s set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she’s talking about giving birth in the next year. You know this is the real deal because she NEVER talked about babies when she was with her long-term ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl. With Taylor, that’s ALL she talks about now.”

Taylor, who plays Mason Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries TV series, is said to be “starry-eyed” at the prospect of starting a family with the outlandish pop princess.

A fellow Vampire Diaries cast member confided: “He’s walking on air right now and can’t stop talking about how he’s going to become a dad and settle down. If you have the sort of money they do – especially Gaga – there really isn’t a problem about having a baby out of wedlock these days. They’ll get the chance to see how they adapt to parenthood and – heaven forbid – if things go wrong, there won’t be any ugly divorce and there will never be a problem about supporting the kid.”

Yeah, I don’t buy it. I really can’t see Lady Gaga giving up working in order to start a family, can you? This is the lady that has been touring almost nonstop since 2009, the lady that does numerous other projects, the lady that insists on constantly being in character. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen enough pregnant women in terrifyingly high heels, I don’t need to see Lady Gaga managing a fetus in her footwear. So yeah, I’m saying that this isn’t real.

But oh, that last little quote? Oh my goodness. The sentiment of “it’s totally cool to have a baby when you’re not married, because then they’ll have time to test everything out and if it doesn’t work, just get divorced, it’s cool,” that just drives me insane. I don’t think you have to be married to have children, and I don’t think you should stay married just because of your children. But using humans as a way to test your relationship? No. No, that’s not ok.

What do you guys think?

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  • What’s all this nonsense about getting blessings and seal of approvals from parents to have a BABY at, what, 30 something? Anyone else think that’s weird? It creeps me out.

  • Something tells me she’s not mature and comfortable and stable enough to just live her life without a consensus taken of all her decisions first..

  • honestly, i don’t think she’d be a bad mom. and well, after living in philadelphia… you see way worse.