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Kendall Jenner is Modeling Again

photo of kendall jenner project x premiere pictures photos
Hey, look who it is! (It’s Kendall Jenner, younger sister of the Kardashians, in case you didn’t know or care to Google it.)

Girlfriend showed up looking … well, kind of fierce for a *nine-year-old at the Project X premiere, a movie about young kids doing dumb stuff and filming it on camera. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

I know, completely craptastic, right? But you’re probably wondering about the modeling part, aren’t you. Because frankly, Kendall is a rather striking young woman, and though a lot of people say that she’s going to make a ‘forgettable’ model, they’re forgetting something themselves – most fashion models aren’t considered in because of what their face looks like. It’s about how they hold themselves; the shapes of their bodies, the faces they can make, and how lithe they are. She’s got all that going for her, and I have to say, it’s apparent that she’s had a lot of practice. Here are a few of her recent shoots for White Sands Australia, a company that specializes in bathing suits – and not the trashy ones that Kendall was caught modeling back when she was fourteen (no, really; fourteen).

photo of kendall jenner bikini bathing suit model white sands australia pics
See? It works, and it works pretty well, too.

What do you guys think of Kendall – not so much who she is or where she comes from, but her look as a model?

*Yes, I know she’s not nine years old. But in case you didn’t catch on just yet, I’m a big fan of ostentatious exaggeration.

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  • I think the more important headline will need to be “Kendall Jenner is Eating Again.”

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