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Emma Watson: Still Completely Adorable

A photo of Emma Watson

I know, I said that as if any of you thought for even a second that Emma Watson had lost any of her lovableness and preciousness since we last heard about her in January. Because, uh, news flash, she hasn’t. She’s still completely wonderful, and this time she proved it by giving an interview to The Independent.

On makeup: “Make-up is actually something I’ve always really loved,” she continues. “The hair and make-up department on the Potter films were the people who saw me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so that space was somewhere I felt at home. When we had spare time on set, I’d do their make-up and get them to teach me how to do stuff.” Make-up artist on the films Amanda Knight remembers Watson making up extras for crowd scenes, too, but Watson has today left it to the professionals. “I haven’t had my make-up done for two or three months,” she says, as if expecting me to say, “No way!” I raise my eyebrows and she laughs. “I know! But it’s really weird for me because I used to have it done every day. So it felt like a treat today.”

On college: “It’s just given me time, really,” she says. “People use their time at university and at school, which I didn’t have, to really think about and figure out what they want to do, and who they want to be. And it’s been so nice not to be pushed around or pushed into doing things.”

On fame: “I think humour has been a help,” she says. “I have schoolfriends, a group of people around me, who have carried me through this whole experience and aren’t fazed if they ask, ‘Oh what are you doing tomorrow?’ and I say, ‘I’m going up to see Mario [Testino] in Notting Hill, he’s shooting me for the new Lancôme campaign.’ I don’t know – it is mad, and some days I feel a bit mad, but it’s the balance that keeps me sane. I don’t fully live it, this side of my life.”

On cutting her hair short: “I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now.” She rolls her eyes. “That haircut did make me realise how subjective everyone’s opinion is. Some people were crazy for it and some people just thought I’d lost my shit. All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.”

Don’t you just love her? Admittedly, she didn’t say anything really groundbreaking – though it is annoying that short hair on a lady, no matter what, immediately means she’s gay – but I thought that a little dose of Emma Watson would be a wonderful way to start the day! You’re welcome, friends!

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  • She. Is. Marvelous.

    Seriously marvelous. And super gorgeous. I am not generally a fan of short hair, on guys or girls (late ’90s men’s fashion was a nightmare for me, and I was only in middle school), but she looks so ridiculously adorable that I cannot hold it against her.

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