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Still Going Strong: J. Lo and Casper Smart

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You know, every time I try to type ‘Casper‘, it comes out ‘caper’. And then I’m reminded of delicious Chicken Piccata, and I want to eat. So I suppose by virtue, Casper Smart has really got one of those trigger names that make people think of different things. I know that he makes some people think of, you know, gold-mining, and he makes other people think of barely-post-pubescent young men, and … oh, wait. No, that’s all just me. Right.

Anyway, here’s some exclusive photos from Rio where Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart vacationed this past weekend for Carnaval, which comes to its celebration pinnacle today.

If you check out photo #4 in the gallery, you’ll see Casper smartly modeling his Apple iPad for the photographers, because he’s never had anything like that before in his life and never even dreamed of it, either.

Jenny was sent there by Brazilian beer company, Brahma, who set her up with an all-expenses-paid jaunt to Rio in exchange for a Carnaval-themed commercial, which I’ve gone and dug up for you. You’re welcome!

So yeah. There was definitely a companion ticket attached to that invite, and naturally, she invited Cappy to come along. She would have paid for him either way, but isn’t there just something so hot about “free”?

Anyway, sad thing is that they’re not staying for today’s big festivities. I’m sure it’s going to be nuts. I’ve never been to Rio for Carnaval personally, but I’ve been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras a few times, and it’s just fabulous. I’m assuming Carnaval is probably just as awesome, just with better weather and worse music (it’s a matter of personal preference, my friends). But hey. Some people have to get back to working as soon as possible, because they have a third child to support. I’m sure J Lo’s other kids didn’t get to go to Brazil with her, so she’d definitely be well-advised to get her ass back to the states. There are two other children floating around here somewhere that are pissed that they don’t have the latest-generation iPads yet, you know.

Priorities, guys, priorities.

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