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LeAnn Rimes Honors Whitney Houston With ‘I Will Always Love You’

You know, you (and by ‘you’, I mean ‘I’) can say all you like about LeAnn Rimes and her weird marriage and ever-shrinking frame and but one thing you cannot say is that she can’t sing. While I think Jennifer Hudson did a nice job this past weekend at the Grammys performing Whitney’s song, I think LeAnn’s version here was kind of … I don’t know, better in some ways (with the exception when she broke down; that was just sad).

Also, here’s LeAnn performing ‘I Have Nothing’ at the same tribute, a song I remember belting out in my bedroom when I was a young teen, caught up in the hype of The Bodyguard:

And you’re right. That one’s not nearly as good as the first, and not anywhere as good as the original, which is here:

Sad. I know. The whole thing makes me sad, too. Where was Kevin Costner this time around, huh? Rumor Fix claims that he sent flowers to the family:

Kevin Costner has reached out to the late singer’s family in the hours following her passing. RumorFix has learned exclusively that Costner has already sent a floral arrangement to Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Such a shame, no matter how you count it all.

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  • Leann wasn’t honoring Whitney, once again she was doing what she does best, promote herself. Leann didn’t get any Grammy nominations this year, wasn’t coming out next month, and she has an album that is coming out next month. And on top of that Eddie’s ex-wife was being featured on a special for Bravo. So is anyone at all surprised that Leann jumped on the opportunity to exploit a tragic event to get her name in the press? She even did an exclusive interview with one media outlet about her tribute and it was so disgusting because the entire interview was , “Me, Me, Me and I, I, I”. It was so asad because the interview mentioned Leann’s name more than they did Whitney’s and it came off as a lame attempt to advertise for Leann’s new album. I love how Leann turned a “tribute” for Whitney into 30 articles about her? Who does that?