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Tom Hanks’ Daughter Interviews a Tom-Hanks-Themed Street Artist

Photo: Just one example of Hanksy's artwork

EA Hanks is a talented writer. She is also Tom Hanks‘ 29-year-old daughter (better known, at least in that capacity, as Elizabeth Anne Hanks. Uh, for those of you taking notes).

EA Hanks recently interviewed “Hanksy”, an anonymous street artist who has made a name for himself in the art scene simply by cribbing from the street artist Banksy but adding Tom Hanks’ smiling visage to each of his works. Seriously. That’s what Hanksy does.

EA never explicitly states that she is Tom Hanks’ daughter in the interview, which makes the interview, tinged with ire, that much more winning:

EA: How are you known and what are you known for?

Hanksy: The internet and the general public know me as Hanksy. Some call me a street artist, others call me a bad pun. I take iconic images from the UK street artist Banksy and mash it up with a reference from Academy Award winning actor, Tom Hanks.

Hilarious! Here is more:

EA: Regarding your work, Tom Hanks sends the message, “I don’t know who Hanksy is, but I enjoy his (her?) comments via the semi-chaos of artistic expression.” Do you know if Banksy knows as well?

Hanksy: There has been word, from mouths that have some credentials to back it up, that he has seen the work, is following it, and completely encourages it.

EA: What’s it like to know that two artists of whom you are, by your own admission, a huge fan of, know about and encourage about your work?

Hanksy: It’s humbling and completely special. The internet has broken down so many barriers where things like this can now happen. I wouldn’t say it’s a dream come true, but it’s definitely a small fantasy.

It must be a weird feeling, to finally confront the man (or woman?) who has been spray-painting pictures of your dad hither and thither. Well done, Liz.

(Photo via Laughing Squid.)