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Oh! Look! Eva Mendes went and visited Ryan on the set of some movie he’s been filming in Bangkok for the past few weeks. Yet another reason that we haven’t featured Ryan in YDG lately. He’s been almost completely off the grid, and I think I know why.


What is that? Is that a result of whatever his new movie is, or is Eva poisoning the waters with that overly-trendy overbite and mole of hers? And the ever-jacked muscles? What’s going on here? Where’s the Ryan that I used to know, and love, and positively obsess over? Where have all the cowboys gone?

Finally, I think the burning question on everyone’s mind is probably “How did Eva Mendes afford a plane ticket to Bangkok?” I mean, I went and Pricelined that shit, and to fly out of the small regional airport near my home would cost somewhere in the area of $3300 bones. So, the second part of that question: did Eva use her hard-earned Ghost Rider money to finance the trip to see her man, or do you think Ryan doled out the cash to cover her ass?

One way or the other: I shake my head more and more each and every time I see these two together. I mean, I just want to barf, and it’s going even beyond petty jealousy at this point. There’s much more to it than just that, guys, and I cannot, for the life of me, put my finger on it.

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  • Does she ever look happy?? Bangkok, smokin-hot boyfriend . . . why so surly? And how could you not even mention her gnarly hands???? GROSS. I’m 40, and my hands don’t look like that (thank god).

  • I’m going beyond petty jealousy too. Has she completely brainwashed him? I’d like to think he’s not an idiot. But something tells me I might be disappointed.

  • Much prefer the “Daily Gosling” over the “Daily Lohan” you guys used to do. Yeah, Eva, what’s with the glum look. I’d be giggling like a school girl to go along with the fact I would have trouble walking. (I can dream….)