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Watch This: Jimmy Fallon Covers Adele, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, and More

Photo: Jimmy Fallon gets gussied up as Taylor Swift for 'Late Night'

Have you guys noticed something weird happening to Jimmy Fallon lately? Like, he’s always seemed really nice and earnest, but “nice” and “earnest” isn’t necessarily the same thing as “funny.” His show is becoming a lot of fun, though? Like, it’s hard for me to process this.

Anyway, this Adele cover: Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night did its damnedest to outdo Madge’s Super Bowl halftime performance, and I think it delivers:

And here’s Fallon performing a range of pop songs with tweaked, Super Bowl -themed lyrics:

Man! Jimmy Fallon is really good! I mean, his Josh Groban impersonation is not the best, but he really nails that distant, faraway look Groban gets in his eyes whenever the soft-focus zooms in. And how about Fallon’s version of Taylor Swift! (It isn’t an impression, even; it’s really just a wig.)

I can’t believe you can air Fallon’s LMFAO bit on television, actually, but then again I am a big ol’ prude, so. Fortunately, he offsets the crassness with another Tebowie performance.

(Image via Idolator.)

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