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Lana Del Rey Has Postponed Her Tour

A photo of Lana Del Rey

Or, if we’re going to get down to specifics, all of the people involved in managing Lana Del Rey‘s career have postponed her tour. Ouch.

From the New York Post:

Lana Del Rey’s tour has been postponed in the wake of the chanteuse’s disastrous “SNL” appearance last month.

The “Video Games” singer’s gigs were to coincide with the release of her album, “Born To Die” — but the plug was pulled after her tour managers, booking agents and label heads at Interscope powwowed following her bizarre, listless appearance on “SNL” that grew so notorious, it was spoofed by Kristen Wiig on the show itself last weekend.

“[Lana] and her manager decided to cancel [the tour] after ‘SNL,’ ” a source said. “She was very upset.” But, the source added, “They figure it allows time for her to clear her head, then go back to selling tickets. More importantly, they figure, the extra time gives them more distance from ‘SNL.’ ”

After her ill-fated “SNL” appearance, an e-mail written by NBC anchor Brian Williams leaked online, calling it “one of the worst outings in ‘SNL’ history.” She was also dissed as a “wack-a-doodle chick” on Twitter by actress Eliza Dushku and by singer Jenny Lewis.

Another source said Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine and Del Rey’s booking agents at CAA knew after “SNL” that she wasn’t ready to tour, and that live shows would hurt record sales.

“Jimmy knew if she would have disappointed again, it would have backfired,” the source said.

The puffy-lipped songstress was slated to perform 30 dates across the country at small venues for 1,000 to 3,000 ticket holders, sources say. The tour was to kick off as soon as March.

We hear Del Rey has been in the studio for the past week working on her performance, and her management is already planning to re-think the tour so they can promote the album.

“Interscope had nothing to do with booking or postponing a tour. Jimmy [Iovine] is excited and thankful that Lana is performing at a Grammy event in his honor this week,” a label rep said. Del Rey’s rep and a CAA rep didn’t get back to us.

Ok, here are the facts. Yes, Lana’s performance on Saturday Night Live was a little weird. Yes, she comes off as kind of a brat. Her real name is Lizzy Grant, and she did release music under that name. She also has a very, very wealthy father who helped her along when she was starting out. But why does all that mean that everyone hates her?

I’m just not going to be able to understand this one. I get it if you don’t like her music. If you’re a little tiffed because she got that SNL gig too soon and maybe didn’t pull through, I agree. But if you just hate her for every single thing she’s ever done, then just calm your heart, friends. Try to let some of that go.

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  • I totally agree with Emily, I don’t really get this crazy back lash. I also think Kristen Wiig’s impression of her was spot on but ultimately in support of LDR. Who cares that she has a wealthy father, that may or may have played a large part in backing her career. I know we all love a story of rags to riches but if someone happens to be fortunate enough to have a leg up does that make their passion or drive any less valid or present? Do we hate her because she is gorgeous enough to be on the runway? These extreme feelings about her are all too confusing for me.

    Post Script: Why has no one brought up Ashlee Simpson’s SNL performance through out all this?

  • I had never heard of her before SNL, but that (admittedly, terrible/confusing/painful/awkward) performance did get me curious. So I looked her up, watched her videos, bought her album… and now I love her. I’m assuming that performance will have the same effect on many people, and it ultimately won’t affect her too negatively.

  • So many people dislike her because people are fed up with spoiled daddy’s girls that are praised for mediocre performances, the same way they are fed up with the wealthy 1% of this country. Whatever it is about her that comes off as bratty is hitting that same nerve really hard.

    Also, she’s just not very good.

  • I had never heard of her until SNL. I looked up her original name of Lizzie Grant and listened to some of her music, she is just not a good singer. She probably should get into another line of work.