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The Best Entertainment of the Weekend: SNL Kristen Wiig’s Lana Del Rey Impersonation

So, a lot of you guys had some pretty strong opinions on Lana Del Rey‘s Saturday Night Live performance a few weeks ago, and while I don’t think she did as poorly as some previous performers had in the past (the ones Kristen Wiig named in the above skit, and including my own personal favorite, Ashlee Simpson), her performance will definitely go down as one of the more memorable ones, and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is definitely subjective. Lana’s very … unique.

In the clip above, Kristen Wiig (as Lana) chats with Seth Myers about her infamous performance, and though her impersonation was spot-on and definitely poked fun at the odd singer, she made a bunch of really good points that, yeah, maybe we should be laying off Lana, her music, and her eccentric-though-maybe-staged persona because really, who’s business is it if she’s genuine or put-on or, you know, whatever?

mean, she’s already not considering doing another album and she claims it’s because she’s already said everything she’s got to say, but we all know the probable real reason why: because people are bullies, right? But again, from Lana’s point of view, who’s business is it anyway?

Oh, of course, that’s right: it’s everyone’s business.

What do you guys think about Lana Del Ray, and do Kristen’s good points masked as mockery change your opinion even a little bit if you’re one of those who do feel negatively about her?

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Also, check out the clip via YouTube if you can’t view the above player.

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  • This skit was fairly amusing. Unfortunately, the rest of SNL that night was pretty lame, with the exception being the Downton Abbey on Spike clip — that was funny and all too accurate.

  • Thanks for including the Youtube version! I can never watch these usually because I’m in Australia. Really shows you care :P

  • I really don’t have an opinion on Lana Del Ray. I didn’t really like her performance, but I didn’t hate it. It was just, whatever. Not special, but not so bad, and she really didn’t deserve all the hate she got for it. I really don’t get why people were so mean about it. It really wasn’t that awful.