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Cop Beet: Nick Stahl Was Arrested

Photo: Nick Stahl arrested, via a TMZ exclusive!

So, uh, here’s a weird one.

Let me preface by saying I love Nick Stahl. Oh my God, do I loooo-oooove Nick Stahl. He replaced Eddie Furlong as John Connor in Terminator 3, and he is totally terrifying in Sin City. (My mom might remember him, in the meantime, from the maudlin Mel Gibson tearjerker Man Without a Face. She loves that movie.)

So Nick Stahl is pretty cool, but he also made Mirrors 2, which is a polite way of saying, um, maybe he’s a little short on dough.


Nick Stahl found himself a little short on cash Friday night when his cab driver told him his bill was $84… so then Nick Stahl found himself arrested, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ… when Stahl arrived at his destination, he told the cab driver he just didn’t have the cash or credit to pay the fare. We’re told the cabbie then flagged down a nearby officer, and Nick was arrested.

Stahl was booked at 8:52 AM on Friday and was not released until 3:42 PM the next day, after posting $500 bail.

Ugh, poor Nick Stahl! Totally humiliating!

I have totally done this, you guys. Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t been poor? But like, I have totally phoned a friend—as if life itself were some game show—going, “I will be there in five minutes! Will you meet me outside and spot me a twenty?” and just hoping and praying someone else will pay my cab fare.

Then again, most drivers are willing to let you hop out of the car at an ATM, which—ugh, any way you slice it, poor Nick Stahl.

Also, eighty-five dollars? That’s insane! That’s like if you took a cab from San Francisco to Berkeley, right? I bet this happened in Austin, Texas. You really need a car in that town.

The most horrible part is how it took Nick Stahl 31 hours to get back out of jail. I’m no mathemagician, but it sounds like he had to wait on a Western Union wire from Mom.

Nick Stahl! I am so, so sorry! Unfortunately, this story is hilarious! Chin up, champ.