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Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Feel “Snubbed”

Photo: Ryan Gosling is plotting... to WIN YOUR HEART

On Thursday, Ryan Gosling attended the Hua Hin International Film Festival in Bangkok as its guest of honor. There, the Hollywood Reporter had the audacity to ask Gosling whether he felt snubbed by the Academy. But Gosling, who has repeatedly proven himself as a class act, was unbudgingly gracious.

Gosling was also quick to squash the notion he had been “passed-over” twice recently. First, after not being voted the Sexiest Man Alive, which his loyal fans protested outside the People Magazine offices in New York earlier this year. But the actor told THR: “I voted for Bradley [Cooper] and I’m glad he won.”

When asked if he felt snubbed by the Academy over not receiving an Oscar nomination, Gosling simply said “No.”

The actor has earned both critical praise and awards buzz for his performances in both The Ides of March and Drive.

This is why celebrities need fans at all. We’ll be indignant for you, Ryan!

For instance, I finally watched The Ides of March, and it is soooo gooooood. It is so good, I feel bad about having repeatedly referred to it as “Face/Off 2.” (Because, the movie poster! Oh, never mind.)

I can see why the movie wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea—I mean, political intrigue? A murky plot plagued by “truthiness”?—but talk about acting, man! You’ve got Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and George Clooney, right? And this entire ensemble is just set-pieces to Ryan Gosling’s performance. The rest of the cast is all furniture. (And don’t get me started on Evan Rachel Wood. My mother was like, “Who is that incredible actress?” Which, yeah, she really is.)

I also really enjoyed Drive, which was a lot less cerebral but no less exhilarating. (Gosling is again teaming with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, this time in a movie about muay Thai boxing.)

Still, there is a gem of wisdom here: it’s practically impossible to “snub” somebody who refuses to feel snubbed. We could all learn something from Ryan Gosling.

I filched a ton of photos from Celebuzz because, yes, Mr. Gosling looks very nice in a suit. I mean, I’m not dead, here!

However, I did select the most unflattering photo I could find for the image up top. I mean, what is he plotting? Yeah, OK, Montgomery Burns.

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  • I just don’t get your fascination with this guy. He’s just so ordinary looking. I’m sure he’s nice, but seriously…if he weren’t famous, he would by no means stand out in a crowd. He would make the perfect “Waldo”.

  • To each his own, but I totally get it. He is not Hollywood standard handsome — you’re right. But that’s refreshing for a change, as is his humor and general decentness.