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Let’s Fall in Love with Madonna All Over Again

A photo of Madonna

If you’re anything like I am, you are becoming more obsessed with Madonna by the day. I don’t know—it’s like I forgot to be obsessed with Madonna from 1984 to 2008, and then some wire was tripped.

Of course you’ll want to read all the best snippets from this L.A. Times interview with Madonna, director of the award-winning-but-only-for-the-music film W.E.

Here is a thing Madonna said in the interview: “I don’t like to repeat myself.” (Which is weird to me, because Madonna sure talks about Lady Gaga enough.)

On her daughter, Lourdes:

“Sometimes she will do certain things or say certain things and I’ll feel like I’m looking in a mirror. I’ll get really irritated with her and then I’ll stop and think, ‘But that’s what I used to do. Or that’s what I do.’ If I complain to my friends and say, ‘Oh, she’s so strong willed’ or ‘She’s so opinionated,’ they look at me and go, ‘Well what did you expect?'”

And on her latest, W.E., which Madonna wrote and directed:

“I liked the idea of examining the cult of celebrity. That Abbie’s character would be looking at this story and thinking, ‘Wow, I want that,’ the way people do with famous people. They think that they have this kind of a life, and so they follow them around with this fairy tale notion of who they think they are.”

That’s… kind of insightful, actually. Hmm.

And how did W.E. get funded? The L.A. Times has the answer:

Madonna said she supplied the bulk of the movie’s $15-million budget, as well as several of her own furnishings and pieces of jewelry. While filming one scene, she was unhappy with the curtains and sent an assistant to tear down some gray satin drapes from her home.

That’s, wow. That’s some dedication.

Oh, great. Just great. Now I am sitting here liking Madonna. What is happening to me? This is terrible!

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  • She’s obviously very hard-working, she wouldn’t have stayed on top for so long otherwise. Never been into her music but I like her drive and dedication. Also, I haven’t watched W.E. so I can’t comment on it, but the costuming looks amazing.

  • Please. She probably yelled at her assistant to go to her house, take down the curtains, iron them and put them up on the set. Then when they were done filming it, she had the assistant take them down, take them to her house, have them cleaned and pressed and put them back up. Oh, and please don’t leave any footprints in my house. I can hear it now. How much dedication does it take to pay someone to do something? Besides, if she was funding the whole movie on her own, it probably saved her a few bucks. I’m also wondering why someone supposedly as iconic as Madonna had to fund her own film. And the quote about knowing people want to be famous is not insightful, it’s obvious. People do all sorts of crazy crap just to be on television for 30 seconds. The woman has always known how to string together a bunch of words or a bunch of images that seem like something meaningful but when you try to probe it, there is nothing there. She is like the meringue on a lemon meringue pie.

  • If you praise her in the slightest she will gloat and laugh at you with scorn.. then cut you out of her mind and life..