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Miley Cyrus is Going to Make You Lonesome When She Goes

See, this is the musical side of Miley that I just love. LOVE.

This is Miley‘s take on Bob Dylan’s Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International, and frankly, it’s f-cking wonderful. I could listen to her version of this song AT LEAST another three times before I got sick of it.

The project, as noted in the CD’s title, celebrates Amnesty International, and all purchases are directly donated to AI:

In January 1961, on a cold snowy evening in Greenwich Village, a twenty-year-old Bob Dylan, fresh out of Minnesota, began his professional career in earnest playing at a hole-in-the-wall coffee house. A few months later, the British lawyer Peter Benenson and some friends in London launched the campaign that became Amnesty International.

It was a coincidence. Yet from the start, Dylan’s artistic work and Amnesty’s political work drew on a common sensibility that ultimately changed the world.

For half a century, Amnesty has pressed to secure the fundamental human rights of the persecuted and imprisoned across the globe. Over that same half century, Dylan’s art has explored and expressed the anguish and hope of the modern human condition.

Chimes of Freedom is dedicated to people worldwide who are unjustly imprisoned or threatened for the peaceful expression of their beliefs.

Good cause, yes? You’ve also got the option of purchasing single tracks, or the entire album, which is priced at a reasonable $24.99. And that’s great. But can we talk a second about Miley and how *good* she actually is at the whole music thing when she tries, and she’s not all glitter and black leather and heaving and grinding and tongue-lolling? I mean, this is a chick that we might actually be able to take seriously one day, especially if she keeps churning out music (OK, mostly covers) like this one here.

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  • As a huge Dylan fan it’s hard to hear this, but then again, it’s hard to hear most covers of great music/musicians—rarely do covers measure up. That being said, there are few notes in Miley’s cover where I hear an emotional honesty–a few, but nothing compared to what Dylan laid down.

  • Find Shawn Colvin’s version on her covers “CD” she leaves more talent in the bottom of the bowl daily than Miley will ever have. Plays her own guitar too. She is just not 21 anymore.. a sin in this culture.

  • I like Miley when she just SINGS without all that extra crap like you said. But I feel like her voice and strength from her “The Climb” days (love love love that song) to now it’s gotten raspier already and not as full. Just me though.